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Ative Evita Is Helping You Get “Doper,” One Track At A Time

Spreading self-love from Rio Bravo, Texas, is a singer-songwriter and alternative-soul hip-hop recording artist Ative Evita with her blissful new single, "Doper."

The singer/rapper/entertainer decided to pursue her passion for music at 19, which led to her first recorded song being played on Austin's LGBT Pink Elephant Radio. With writing inspiration from Eminem and Adele, and musical inspiration from Motown Records, The Temptations, and Amy Winehouse, Ative Evita isn't showing signs of slowing down.

In fact, Evita just inked her first record deal with The College of Hip Hop Knowledge out of Austin, Texas. Now, Ative Evita is releasing her very first single under the deal entitled "Doper.' It's a feel-good, groovy, alterntive/r&b/hip-hop track that encourages the listener to believe and love themselves no matter what.

Diving deeper into "Doper," the spicy new tune opens with smooth-sailing r&b piano melodies that evoke a soulful and nostalgic undertone. Once Ative Evita's whispery and sensual vocals melt through our speakers, the chilled and down-tempo drums make their way in to bring the song a well-rounded, seductive, and confident feel.

Although the listening experience is rather relaxing, Ative Evita hits the listener with crisp and tightly-knit bars that will definitely prompt some head-bopping. Ative Evita's performance in this song is dope, and the song itself is even "Doper." She packs so much confidence and fun into this song, from her charismatic delivery to her motivational and playful bars; anyone will appreciate what Ative Evita brings to the table in this new hit.

Feeling down and out? Allow Ative Evita to lift your spirits with her new single, "Doper," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, AtiveEvita. We're feeling a whole lot "Doper" after hearing your groovy new single. What inspired you to write this playful yet motivational song? Hello hello! First off, Gracias! Thank you guys so much for having me! I hope you feel as "Dope" as possible after listening to "Doper"! The biggest thing that inspired me to write & create "Doper" was self-love and self-reflection in a positive view. I wanted to create and give people something that made them feel good when they heard it about themselves. What was the main message or takeaway you wanted to give listeners in "Doper?"

When you listen to "Doper" from beginning to end, I worked to create a vibe & song that allows the listener to grasp the feeling of self-love and feeling amazing. Feeling great in one's self, feeling dope! The main message of "Doper" is to believe in yourself, be proud of who you are, and know that no one is doper than you! Did you work with any producers to help achieve your sonic vision for the production on "Doper?" What sort of vibe did you have in mind for the song? With the name of the track being "Doper", the entire vibe of this song needed to be dope! Something everyone could nod their head to and vibe out not only to the lyrics but to the bass and ride with the piano throughout the song "Doper". It was recorded, mixed & mastered by Jason Anderson-Ebener at The Academy Recording Studio in Bastrop, Texas. I have worked with Jason before, and working together to bring "Doper" to its dopest was very easy and smooth. He was able to get the vision I had for the track very well and definitely played a part in the final product.

How does "Doper" differ from your other releases? What makes this song stand out in your discography? "Doper" definitely differs in different aspects from my previous releases, and I think everything about it makes it stand out tremendously from the rest! My most recent releases like "Runnin" & " Daydreamer" are stories I wrote that felt best when expressed with a more Jazzy, Alternative Soul feel, wherewith "Doper," I'm stepping back into the Pop/HipHop feel with a more positive message. All my music carries a message and tells a story, and "Doper" is definitely the 1st of its kind for me. What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

More Dope music! I am absolutely loving the response that "Doper" is getting. With my recent signing to the label, The College of Hip Hop Knowledge, listeners can expect more music that promotes positive self-love, but in both genres, Pop to Alternative Soul/Hip Hop, maybe even rap, hey! I might switch it up to Spanish! Definitely stay tuned!


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