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Atlanta-Based Songstress Genesis Anatasia Debuts “Get To Know You Better”

A Cincinnati native now living in Atlanta, Georgia, Genesis Anastasia is living out her dream. One of the youngest of 7, Genesis has always had the largest personality of the family, even as a child. Growing up she loved to be the centre of attention, and her family loved to watch her. Starting at the mere age of 10, she began to go public with her gifts: reciting poems and singing at weddings, churches, benefit concerts, funerals, talent shows, and different community events. Genesis also loves to act, and as with many of her other talents, she decided to venture out and mix her two passions by being involved in musicals and stage plays. Although she has a heart for acting, Genesis’s first love is singing so she decided that it was time for her to write her own songs. She now writes songs of gospel, love, how to deal with real-life situations and anything else that inspires her. 

“Get To Know You Better” is an inspiring, confident, and soulful new single. Pouring through with an immediately likeable bounce of a beat, light and uplifting, “Get To Know You Better” goes on to entrance listeners with a swiftly memorable and infectious hook, and a subsequent series of vocals that prove increasingly impressive and quite addictive to listen to. The song’s hook is undoubtedly a huge selling point, Genesis’ powerful vocal works beautifully in drawing you over and holding you captive once you’re there. There’s a classic vibe to the song in many ways, but from a songwriting perspective, this hook and this beat undoubtedly underline something new and refreshing. The balance works well, nostalgia has its place and in this instance, it helps the song connect as well as showcasing Genesis Anastasia as an artist with a deep-running love for the art form.

Listen to “Get To Know You Better” here and check out our exclusive interview below!


Hi Genesis Anastasia! When did your passion for music begin, and what made you decide to pursue it creatively?

Hi! My passion for music began at a very young age. I was just 4 years old when I began to show an interest in music. Thats actually when I sung my first song "Jesus Loves Me" and as a result of that, my mom ran out and bought my first karaoke machine lol. And that turned out to be the best gift that she's ever given me. I decided to pursue music creatively when I realized that I loved it and I needed it to be apart of my life. Its definitely an outlet for me and I feel my best when I'm emerged in it.

What’s your creative process like? How do you begin when writing a new track, and do you ever struggle to come up with something you’re happy with?

   My creative process can be quit interesting lol 95% of my songs are free-styled. Now, let me explain what my free-styling process looks like. I'll enter the booth, then my producer will turn on the instrumental, I'll listen for a while, then I'll begin to record whatever comes to my mind in that moment. I let the music speak through me. That phrase may sound cliche to some but in this case, it is absolutely true. If during this process I hit a snag with my writing, I'll take time out to sit down and actually write lyrics. 

Tell us more about your single “Get To Know You Better”! What message did you hope to achieve with this track?

So "Get To Know You Better" was a fun song to record. This song came purely from my heart and I got to display my "funky" side in it as well. So the concept came from ones inner thoughts when you see someone that you are attracted to. You may not verbally be able to express the way you feel but you can always fantasize about it lol. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks. 

What are your thoughts on mainstream music at the moment?

At the moment, I feel that mainstream music in some instances all sounds the same. Now don't get me wrong,  I understand following the trends but I also believe in originality.  I believe that some of the greatest performers of all times aren't carbon copies. And that's what truly makes them legendary. 

What can audiences look forward to for the remainder of the year? Do you have any shows coming up, new releases or collaborations? 

I have a lot of things on the horizon. I'm coming out with a new music video very soon and I'll be dropping new singles for the remainder of the year. I can't speak on everything that I have coming up but stay tuned and it'll all be revealed.


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