Atlanta-Based Songstress Genesis Anatasia Debuts “Get To Know You Better”

A Cincinnati native now living in Atlanta, Georgia, Genesis Anastasia is living out her dream. One of the youngest of 7, Genesis has always had the largest personality of the family, even as a child. Growing up she loved to be the centre of attention, and her family loved to watch her. Starting at the mere age of 10, she began to go public with her gifts: reciting poems and singing at weddings, churches, benefit concerts, funerals, talent shows, and different community events. Genesis also loves to act, and as with many of her other talents, she decided to venture out and mix her two passions by being involved in musicals and stage plays. Although she has a heart for acting, Genesis’s first love is singing so she decided that it was time for her to write her own songs. She now writes songs of gospel, love, how to deal with real-life situations and anything else that inspires her. 

“Get To Know You Better” is an inspiring, confident, and soulful new single. Pouring through with an immediately likeable bounce of a beat, light and uplifting, “Get To Know You Better” goes on to entrance listeners with a swiftly memorable and infectious hook, and a subsequent series of vocals that prove increasingly impressive and quite addictive to listen to. The song’s hook is undoubtedly a huge selling point, Genesis’ powerful vocal works beautifully in drawing you over and holding you captive once you’re there. There’s a classic vibe to the song in many ways, but from a songwriting perspective, this hook and this beat undoubtedly underline something new and refreshing. The balance works well, nostalgia has its place and in this instance, it helps the song connect as well as showcasing Genesis Anastasia as an artist with a deep-running love for the art form.

Listen to “Get To Know You Better” here and check out our exclusive interview below!