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Atlanta Hip-Hop Artist Anubis Pushes People to Be Fearless Through His Music

Anubis is a Hip-Hop artist based out of Atlanta who seeks to motivate people to be fearless. Since being signed to Bentley Records Anubis continues to focus on the spirituality of the music and leave a footprint in the listeners' minds. Anubis' latest release "Your OPP" is bold, anthemic, and has an almost Lo-Fi feel to it making it sound very unique. "Your OPP" features anthemic brassy chords, gritty 808 kick drums, and an aggressive high energy vocal. From the moment the record begins Anubis doesn't hold back from hitting you with constant energetic lyrics and aggressive instrumentation.

"Your OPP" is focussed on the message that Anubis is saying and the instrumentation compliments this perfectly by adhering to that aggression but also not being too much where it gets in the way of his lines. The record opens up with the attention-grabbing horns and quickly after Anubis' engaging lyrics and the intense drum and bass rhythms. Anubis does a lot of intricate wordplay and rhyming in this one that perfectly fits both his style and the overall flow of "Your OPP". From his intense flow to the exciting energetic backing track, we can't wait to see what else Anubis has to offer.

Listen to "Your OPP" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Anubis! Your latest single "Your OPP" is super bold! What had inspired the songwriting of it? What was the production process for it like? Thanks, the song was inspired by a few people I used to hang with that was upset I signed with Bentley Records. Made a song and video and everything on IG while they were mad meanwhile we didn't talk like that so this was a warning to them all facts in the song from beginning to end. The Production process was fairly easy, the horns were the key to the project. I wanted to give it a dramatic tone.

You have a very unique sense of rhythm and flow in your lyrics, do you have anything that inspires that? Do you have any idols that you look up to? Thank you honestly no its all me, when you are flowing people have a short attention span nowadays. Leave them on edge not knowing what to expect you'll have there attention. Yes My Idols are Dmx, Left Eye, and Timbaland It is very exciting to be signed to a label, how has being signed to Bentley Records helped in the growth of your career? How did you get in touch with them? Bentley Records gave me actual support and a lot of knowledge on how to Brand Myself and gave me connections to different artists. Really have been a great foundation to start with I don't have any regrets at all with working with them, Confidence and Support goes a long way. They definitely gave me that confidence on the business side of things and support with the music. One Of their A&Rs found me on my IG and immediately emailed me. It's always great to hear when there is new talent and content coming out, do you have any goals for your career that you are striving to achieve? My goals are to deliver a positive, spiritual, dark and unique sound to the industry. I like to bring styles and sounds together that no one thinks can be done, I want to influence originality and being yourself. I want to also make it relatable because as everything is shifting from Sale some drugs and bust it open music, we are looking for something else to relate too. Outside of religion and outside of our limitations in our daily life. We are all searching for someone to tell us we are not crazy about the things we feel and see that no one speaks on. That's my music it's not for just anybody but it will affect everybody.

What can fans expect next, ANUBIS? I have a verse on a song from a known Chicago rapper, that I'm going to leave as a surprise. I have an Ep I have been working on I pretty much been on music as well as the business side of the industry as well so by the end of this year I  will be established. There will be a lot of single hits, blogs, and a lot of Interviews.



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