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Atlanta Rapper Hittah 4 Releases His Single “Motorola" Featuring 6”6

Up and coming rapper from Atlanta, Hittah 4, translates the trendy and contemporary Hip Hop sound effortlessly while remaining true to his authentic artistry and unique style catered towards him. He released his single Motorola featuring rapper 6”6. What I really fancied the most about this dope single was how both Hittah 4 and 6”6 each had their own wave going on yet they fused together to collaborate and produce a hit. “Motorola” has moments of witty punchlines and bars that exhibit fun songwriting alongside a level of skill some rappers lack. They didn’t stick to one flow the entire song. Instead, they switched up the flow but doesn’t shy away from remaining devoted to their specific style of delivery in which fits the subdued banging beat. “Motorola” is the perfect record to listen too while riding around cruising in your car and just easily catching a vibe from an underground and upcoming rap song that still can compete alongside the charting singles we hear everyday on the radio! “Motorola” could undeniably go mainstream!

Listen to "Motorola" on Soundcloud here.

Has the music scene in Atlanta impact your style in any possible way?

Atlanta influenced my style a lot. Even though I don’t try to sound like anyone, you can’t help but be influenced by the greats and even the young ones like me coming up. I really just look to Future and Thug for inspiration.

How did the idea of collaborating on “Motorola” come about?

That was the first song I did when I got out of jail. I was already with my bro, so when we pulled up - it was a no-brainer.

Do you write all your music? If so, do you believe it’s important for rappers to write their own raps instead of using a songwriter or ghostwriter?

I don’t write I freestyle all my music but I feel like it all depends on how much you love the game.

What's next for you in 2019?

Me and my team going nothin' but up I’m droppin' so many projects this year it’s going to be legendary.



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