Atmospheric Jazz From Los Angeles' Vintage V Makes Waves in New Song "La-La

Gentle crooning from LA native Vintage V in her single “La-La” bops and sways while making its own space in the modern musical world. Behind this dreamy, romantic voice is a woman who lives for music, grew up with her ears glued to the radio, and she incorporates a variety of influences into the tracks she creates. A growing talent, with interesting tastes and a raw branching nature. Reaching out for love in the most beautiful way, through soulful R&B vocals and slow jazz melodies, Vintage V is a distinctive voice in the scene. Vintage V has a vibe similar to Solange, where she carves her musical path without fear of genre-bending."La-La" is a song that’s simple and clean, less electronic than much of today’s modern R&B, coming across as a gentle vocal love letter.

After spending ten years performing in a variety of venues and events, music comes second nature to Vintage V, and her voice of longing will easily fill the ears of many excited fans for much time to come.

Listen to "La-La" here.

Hello Vintage! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! We love your genre-crossing new wave R&B sound, and specifically in your single “La La” you come across with such a gentle and romantic sound. What were some of your main influences when building this track? Thank you for having me back again, you all are awesome at what you do! For this track, “La-La”, I really wanted to bring out specific emotional elements of the song. I love using light melodies, soothing melodic tones and catchy word play to induce storytelling in songwriting.  Your fans have described your music as “a bottomless barrel of musical ear candy”, which is such an amazing endorsement! It seems that your mindset of creating music to bring an emotional experience to your audience is shining through - but how would you describe your performance style?

My performance style varies based on the music being performed. I love to connect with the crowd in several ways. Whether it be sitting in front of a mic and visually connecting with them, walking through the crowd, or a little dancing here and there! I just want them to enjoy the show and leave feeling happy.

I’d like to talk about the single La-La for another moment, the track is so catchy! As soon as the song began, I realized I was swaying along! Alongside the rhythmic music, your soulful and lyrical performance is stunning. Would you say that La-La is a more traditional R&B track, as opposed to something more along the lines of your collaboration with Skipper Jones in “The Clout?

Thank you! I would actually describe “La-La” as the opposite of traditional R&B. It has elements of a 1960’s, blues, jazzy feel, as well as a new age vocal twist in my opinion. I would describe the song I did with Skipper Jones “The Clout” as more along the lines of traditional Hip-Hop/R&B, based on the way the vocals were sung as well as Skippers lyrical delivery. I love that song to pieces, thank you all for listening to it!

Vintage V, you were born in Los Angeles - a hub of art and culture. You’ve spoken before about how your father’s taste in music gave you the footing for a lifelong passion for music - but would you mind telling us a little about how you feel the city of Los Angeles has affected you creatively, musically, or otherwise?

Los Angeles is a melting pot of creatives from various backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. Usually you’re friends are the same a melting pot of those. When you have the ability to experience this on a daily basis, you can’t help but incorporate it into your music. It breathes life into the creativity of you’re art. I’ve very grateful to have experienced this and I take it with me wherever I go as a reminder that art has no boundaries in all forms.