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Attacking the Beat, Dre Day 100 Teams Up with R0bTech to Finesse "Proof of Death"

Dre Day 100 is known for the charisma that drips from his expressive persona. Being an up-and-coming artist who continues to garner attention with each move he makes, there is no denying the skill-set that Dre Day 100 puts to great use.

Leaving his listeners with a sense of fulfillment after indulging in each musical creation he puts forth, the consistency that Dre Day 100 has been evolving with is rather admirable.

Collaborating with the undeniable talents of R0bTech for the vibrant avenue toured in the single “Proof of Death,” the enticing atmosphere that holds up the mesmerizing structure of this track is most certainly impenetrable by these two artists.

Always one to come to the table with his weaving cadences that effortlessly steer you through the lyrical dexterity, Dre Day 100 exudes as a wordsmith, the melodic hues in “Proof of Death,” has us tapping into an old school Hip-hop ambiance reminiscent of Nate Dogg and Warren G. The nostalgic signature that Dre Day 100 stamps his hits with is refreshing as the industry is saturated with the melismatic modern wave of the genre.

Amplifying his tonal distinction in a way that plays into the smooth vibrations emitted by the instrumentation, it’s easy to hear that Dre Day 100 can maneuver his way around any beat as he uses his rhyme schemes as potent ammunition. Combining the techniques that he embodies with the wistful tenors of R0bTech, the dynamism that is portrayed on this track has us fully embracing the mass offering of lyricism that comes overflowing from “Proof of Death.”

The sounds radiated in “Proof of Death,” have us turning up the volume and going on a late-night cruise, how did the collaboration of yourself and R0bTech come to life? What was it like working with one another to achieve the desired sound heard in this track?

It was around December of last year and I was just getting to know R0b after meeting him around like August or September. He was coming to Sidedoor Studios very often laying down very melodic tracks that sounded so different. Every time I would take a listen I would say to myself "man I've got to collab with him". His sound reminds me a lot of Nate Dogg and with the Snoop Dogg comparisons I get, I figured why not ya know. So on that night of December, he brought this instrumental to my attention and I just loved how it started off dark and sinister and just transitioned into a more sunny happy type of instrumental. As we were figuring out how to organize the song he instantly came up with this hook that blew my mind. He started singing "Theeeseee hooooeessss knooowww whoooosss dooopppee" and from that moment I'm like "we got ourselves a hit". Now with that melodic hook came his dope lyricism and combining that with the lyricism I was bringing. And the way the beat transitioned and the feeling it gives we knew we had to match that and I gotta say we pulled it off nicely. Working with him is definitely a yin and yang thing.

What is the inspiration behind the remarkably witty lyrical soundscape expressed in “Proof of Death?" What does this song mean to you as the creator?

The inspiration was pretty much the theme of the instrumental ya know. The first half resembled a much more gritty and mellow feel so the lyrics and how we expressed those lyrics we matched that. For the second half, it resembled life. A very lit life so we brought that feeling too. And of course, there's an inspiration of old-school hip hop elements because both I and R0bTech are heavily influenced by old-school hip hop. You can definitely hear it in the song. This track brings a meaning of elevation, growth, and two magical forces being meshed into one. It's like if Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z did a fusion together.

You’re continuously building up your catalog with songs that elevate your artistry. How does “Proof of Death,” hold up to other songs you’ve previously released?

I believe that Proof Of Death raises the bar a little bit more as will the next song I drop and so on and so on. It is definitely an improvement from my other works. I feel like the energy on this one is definitely A1 compared to the other songs I dropped, not that I'm trying to downplay them or anything.

How have you found yourself growing as an artist from your previous single “1Hunna Man, Pt.3,” to “Proof of Death?"

I have grown in every aspect that I know of so far. Whether that's knowledge as an artist, articulation, artist personality, energy, mic presence, lyricism, and creativeness I've improved in it all. Now I know there's more room to grow because there's nothing but abundance. I can never get enough growth.



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