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Atwood Sings of Life's Many "Parallel Lines"

From the fertile rock breeding ground of Milan, Italy, the alternative rock duo Atwood releases their poignant and emotional single entitled "Parallel Lines."

Introducing themselves to the music industry by way of their first single, "Black Mirror," it's clear that Atwood's debut was only the beginning of a thorough and conceptual storyline. After gaining vast recognition in Milan's pop-punk/alternative scene, Atwood went on to share stages with icons, winning the 'Nuove Prospettive' contest and receiving the opportunity to play at 1MNext Final and Drink 'Em All Festival.

Gearing up to release their forthcoming EP in late July, Atwood introduces us to the project through its fifth released single, "Parallel Lines." Said to be a radio-ready modern rock single, Atwood also mentioned this, "Lyrically, 'Parallel Lines' is all about being at war with one's self. 'Parallel Lines' is for you, if you've ever fought against your own body, and if you've ever felt like you just don't belong with it."

Produced by Francesco 'Katoo' Catitti, "Parallel Lines" opens with a hazy electric guitar and soft downtempo drum breaks. As Alice Sachertorte makes her warm and gentle vocal appearance, she instantly sets the song's tone through her emotional vocal tones that speak of an inner war that continues to linger. As we reach the powerful hook, Daniele Mammola drenches us in his vibrant electric guitar that induces all sorts of emotions amongst any listener.

Diving deeper into the single, we're left in awe of Atwood's flawless poetic lyricism merged with their well-rounded instrumentation, especially as Sachertorte continues her powerful vocal venture while touching on the inner feelings of wanting to stay inside and hide away from life's trials and tribulations.

Catch Atwood in an exhilarating new release, "Parallel Lines," and don't miss out on their forthcoming EP, slated to release on July 26th, 2021.

Hello Atwood and welcome to BuzzMusic. What a thorough and emotional listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Parallel Lines." What inspired you to write a song about feeling a sense of war within one's mind and body?

This one was inspired by a tough period in Alice’s life where the body looked like it was actively trying to sabotage itself. Everything was overpowered by a sense of frustration and just wanting to just give in because sometimes it is just too hard to keep fighting a battle you cannot win. However, Parallel Lines does not deliver a negative message – at the end of the day, we may feel burnt out, but we will always find the strength to keep going. It gets better eventually, it just takes a lot of work.

Could you expand on your duo's instrumental creative process for "Parallel Lines?" Did Daniele Mammola handle the song's entire instrumental arrangement?

Usually what happens is that Daniele writes the first draft of the song and then we work on it together. The very first input always comes from him! What’s interesting though is that our songs always come out completely different from what they used to be in the beginning – we work very thoroughly on every single detail, like, we literally dissect every item, and change everything a million times, so the Parallel Lines you’re listening to now is nothing like the first draft. Our focus is to do everything in our power to get to what we have in mind and to make everything perfect and spotless. In addition, we had the privilege to work on this one with Katoo, who helped us develop the song’s full potential, making Parallel Lines the song it is now.

Did Alice Sachertorte write the lyricism for "Parallel Lines?" Was it challenging to write about such emotional and relatable themes?

Yep to both! We have been focusing on getting more and more emotional and deep when it comes to lyrics – we want to be as true and honest as possible, and sometimes it’s very scary. Exposing yourself is a gamble, especially when what you have to say can be accessed by virtually anyone. However, it all pays off when people come to you and tell you that that they identify in what you wrote - it’s just amazing to know you’ve touched someone’s feelings, that you connected with them somehow. That’s all music is about, honestly.

How does "Parallel Lines" fit into the concept and theme of your forthcoming EP? How does the song prepare us for the overall project?

Parallel Lines is the keystone to this EP, as it explores both helplessness and darkness against escape and light. It’s the balance between pain and relief, and this reflects in the overall mood of the song. Just like the EP, Parallel Lines merges alt-rock with pop, electronic elements, and our post-hardcore roots.



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