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Audionautz Deliver Emotion on a Platter in, "Older (feat. Andrew Elder)"

The aspiring production/writing duo Audionautz wear their hearts on their sleeves in a recent smooth, heartfelt, and profoundly emotional single, "Older (feat. Andrew Elder)."

Comprised of Ra'id Omar and Adrian 'Kool Cero' Sergest, Audionautz formed back in 2015 after connecting at college. Striving to design original and quality content for local acts, Audionautz, and their in-depth sound continue to master genres like r&b, hip-hop, and pop.

Now releasing their heavenly and deeply emotional single, "Older (feat. Andrew Elder)," this song truly offers a serene breath of fresh air, especially as Elder serenades us with his honest and brilliant vocal stylings. As Audionautz brings us into the prime eras of r&b with their sweet sonics, they perfectly portray this sonically emotional soundscape that tugs on our heartstrings.

Hitting play on the single, "Older (feat. Andrew Elder)," the song takes off on a serene note with Andrew Elder's emotional vocals that tell the story of acceptance in regard to an ex who's moved on. As Audionautz backs him up with their lush r&b sonics, the downtempo feel and emotional state of their production truly offer this whole other layer to the song that brings us closer to Audionautz and Andrew Elder.

As Elder continues to expand on how he gave everything to someone who tossed his heart to the curb, he begins to elaborate on how he's getting older and how time delivers the most knowledgeable lessons of all. As Audionautz and Elder take us to the outro, the song ends on this wildly personal and vulnerable note, bound to leave any listener in a dream-like state.

Let your heart sing along with Audionautz's latest single, "Older (feat. Andrew Elder)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMuuisc Audionautz. We deeply appreciate such a relatable and emotional piece like "Older (feat. Andrew Elder)." When did you begin crafting ideas and approaches for this track?

I was done with the album when 'Older' came. This had to have been around 2018. I wanted us to commit to a stop date for collecting songs and demos. After a certain point, I wanted to trim the fat and work with what we had. One night I was up writing and all of a sudden the chorus hits me. I knew it was something special and I wanted to expand on it right away. It was one of those songs that kinda pour out of you. About 30 minutes later the basic demo was done.

Why did you want Andrew Elder to feature on "Older (feat. Andrew Elder)?" What made him the best candidate to sing this emotional and vulnerable message?

Andrew is such a great talent. I love his tone. I got in touch with him through a video shoot he and his label organized. I got a chance to be his drummer for the shoot. After that, I told him that I had a song that he'd be a great fit for. His voice, to me, was that emotive Pop voice that I wanted at the time and I felt he could do the song justice. He delivered and "Older" is one of the best songs I've written. Definitely one of my favorites on our album."

Could you break down your creative process when crafting the production for "Older (feat. Andrew Elder?" What sort of sonic atmosphere were you aiming to achieve?

"Vibe-wise, I knew that the song didn't call for drums. I knew it would be most effective with just synths or piano and Andrew's voice. I also wanted to experiment with new synths I've never used before; paint with new colors to get new effects and evoke new feelings. It's a very 'open air' track. Sonically it's a stand-out song on the album. Every other song has this Summer pulse/mood to it. "Older" is almost like the end of summer. That's why it ends the album the way that it does.

Who wrote the emotional lyrics for "Older (feat. Andrew Elder)?" Where did the inspiration for the song's lyrical content come from?

'Older' was written by me. It was one of the songs that came to me at the house. lol. Adrian (my co-producer) liked it when I shared it the next day. I had goosebumps when it was done and when I sang it back to myself; signs of a solid song on your hands. I told Adrian 'I think I got the end of the album' LOL! Couldn't be happier with how it turned out. One way I could be happier is if it ever gets covered by someone. Imagine that?"


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