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Audrey de Boer Wishes the Past Well in, "hope you're okay"

From British Columbia, Canada, the evolving singer-songwriter and recording artist Audrey de Boer releases a deeply emotional and vulnerable ballad with her latest single, "hope you're okay."

One can hear the change in sound, style, and vocal prowess through Audrey de Boer's vast discography. As she graces us with each new song release, she's continuously turning heads with her lyrical dexterity and vocal talent. Always striving to create relatable lyrical content, it goes without saying that anyone can take something away from Audrey de Boer's honest music.

Taking a more genuine and vulnerable path with her latest single, "hope you're okay," listeners are able to get to know Audrey de Boer's music more personally and intimately as she wears her heart on her sleeve throughout this piece. We must also mention how perfectly the young singer-songwriter fits into the song's modern pop sonics, as she merges brilliant organic melodies with contemporary drum breaks to keep the listener engaged.

Taking a listen to "hope you're okay," the song gently opens with a muffled and melancholy piano melody alongside samples of birds twittering in the distance. As a muffled and down-tempo drum beat makes its appearance alongside Audrey de Boer's harmonious and elegant vocal stylings, she begins to expand on a past relationship and the change she's endured since breaking free from its chains.

Even in the midst of chaos, Audrey de Boer still wishes her past significant other the best while elaborating on how they're better off and dreaming of working out in another lifetime. We adore the modern pop sonics that Audrey de Boer has placed into this single, as it perfectly carries her sweet vocals while offering this entirely separate aspect to get us tapping our feet.

Sink into the shimmering sounds of Audrey de Boer's latest single, "hope you're okay," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Audrey de Boer. We deeply appreciate such an honest and vulnerable piece like "hope you're okay." Was there a specific moment that compelled or inspired you to create this emotional piece?

The creation of “hope you’re okay” was like no other. Created from start to finish, in only two days, this piece was inspired by many experiences and situations in my life where relationships fall apart. While writing always is inspired by my own experiences I knew that through the COVID-19 pandemic’s first lockdown everyone’s lives were massively affected and relationships were tested. I wanted to write something that reflected these changes that I, and so many others, were going through.

Did you work with any producers when navigating the sound and feel for “hope you’re okay?" Why did you want the sonics to offer this overall uplifting tone?

This song production was created alongside Adam Stanton and the process is always so free-flowing and creative when we work together. The overall feeling for this song was intended to be uplifting to show how the message of the song can be perceived that change is not a bad thing. You can celebrate your growth, celebrate those around you, and should wish the best to those who are no longer a part of your life.

Are you normally one to wear your heart on your sleeve when writing your music, similar to the lyrics in “hope you’re okay?" Is it easy for you to be so vulnerable?

All of my songs are personal and are very vulnerable projects. Songwriting for me is like a journalling process that I am releasing to the world, so it is very cathartic while also being exposing. My pieces definitely become as sensitive as they are because of the way I write my songs and while it’s hard sometimes releasing these soul-exposing projects and experiences, it is easy for me to be vulnerable because songwriting for me is a release.

What do you hope your listeners take away from the overall emotional experience that is “hope you’re okay?" What sort of emotions did you want to evoke in your audience?

I hope that my listeners can take away a perspective where their reflections of their life changes are positive. Reflecting on relationships and knowing that a bittersweet ending is okay, that change is an element of growing up and is something super important to embrace.

I think we all need to embrace the changes that life throws us, creating this song helped me through this. The listening experience of this all doesn’t have to be so serious either, hope you’re okay is a vibe and that’s all a song really has to be.

What’s next for you?

There is so much to be excited about that is in the works right now. Stayed tuned for updates on the socials and make sure you’re following me on your music platform to be the first to hear my latest releases!!


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