Audrey Deboer Brings A Warm Energy For The Holidays With New Song, “Snow Globe”

Canadian singer/songwriter Audrey Deboer brings her full irreverent charm just in time for the holidays. Audrey Deboer often shares lessons and words of wisdom with a ton of positivity to give, not being afraid to shine the spotlight on examples within her own life. The natural charisma she contains draws many listeners into her thoughtful lyrical arrangements, which heavily applies to her latest holiday-inspired single, "Snow Globe."

The immediately soft, melodic piano rhythm introducing "Snow Globe" establishes a peaceful and warm listening environment. Audrey Deboer and her innocent, playful voice intercept the magical harmony set in place, but she only works to elevate the enchanting atmosphere.

Audrey Doboer exclaims how there's nowhere else she rather is than wrapped up in a snow globe with her love, and her infatuation-inspired lyricism has couples naturally relating and singles wanting to connect. It's safe to say that "Snow Globe" is your ooey, gooey love song that crafts pure magic out of an expressive, loving, charming storyline.

Those who know Audrey Deboer won't be surprised by the powerful arrangement presented in "Snow Globe." The song is quite characteristic of Audrey Dober, and she once again allows listeners to feel compelled to connect in an emotionally moving way. Audrey Dober, thank you for adding yet another holiday single to our favorites list.