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August Brand Dives Into His "Battle"

August Brand is an emerging hip-hop artist who has not only been singing since he was a young child but currently has engineered an eclectic variety of music styles that captures our hearts and souls.

Inspired by chart-topping music artists such as Lil Nas X, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Zoe Wees, August Brand wants to make an impact and show his audience that anyone can make a difference no matter their ethnicity and be successful.

The dark yet buoyant energy hailing from an empowering release such as his latest single, "Battle," powerfully resonates with us. Lyrically the saturated croons shed have us simmering in a profound reality reflective of the battle in August Brand's mind.

Taking us into an intricate world woven together with carefully crafted wording, the entirety of "Battle" has our minds grasping the intensity we feel through such an elusive vocal performance. Prevailing with written content yet tantalizing in its grace, August Brand is someone who tells elaborate stories in the songs he shares with the world.

"Battle" being no exception, the dramatic quintessence places a much-needed force of conveyance on how we need to take this masterpiece in. Delving into a narrative custom to what he feels, the poignant nature of this record allows our deep sentiments to surface in one fell swoop.

The thought-provoking foundation turns into a therapy session with August Brand. Leaving us to be cemented with who we are down to our core, that's the brilliance of August Brand's gravitational pull.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, August Brand! Congratulations on this beautifully crafted single. How long did it take for you to create a record with such a deep impact?

This record actually was a two-part series. I wrote the lyrics/melody back in high school in 2010, it was the musical genius of Angel Lacencia who created the music to beautifully sync with the heart-wrenching lyrics which was created in 2020.

We're sure listeners everywhere can take away their own message from this song, but we're interested in what it means to you as the creator?

Well, this song is so very personal to me. It was written at a time when I was battling depression, self-identity/expression, and suicidal thoughts. I couldn’t wrap my head around my sexuality, my worth, or my pride. So I put my emotions to paper. I wanted this song to reflect what was going on inside my mind and heart. In the song, you could hear the repeating motif "It's between me and myself" which I wanted to be a reflection of the echo in my head of insanity. I wanted to also show that it's all so personal and the "Battle" I was facing with myself. Throughout the whole idea, I wanted those audience members who relate to knowing they can find peace in letting their feelings and emotions out in a healthy and honest way as I did with music. This song is one (my) journey among many.

How does "Battle" speak into your life present day? Do you find your mindset has evolved since the time of writing it?

As a 28-year-old man who has defined his own success through his work and music, I have found that this song speaks to my subconscious. I think every time I have a moment of weakness or doubt within myself, I listen to the song to reestablish the fact that through music, love, and the grace of my family I became better. To answer the latter part of the question I believe it shows that old pain can create beauty. Even in music.

How does a project of this caliber set you apart from other artists?

This might sound cheesy but I don’t compare myself to other artists. I believe that’s where I will fail. I want to be an artist that shows authenticity, rawness, an artist who is flawed. I want my fans to see musicians are human. We can grow, be different, be honest, and be successful. I just don’t think comparing oneself to others is beneficial to me. I will say that inspiration from others can help nurture the ideas of musical ability and growth. I think that remains true with my music. My sound changes from song to song. that’s why I do music. Is the journey I take myself on alongside my fans.


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