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Auregan Exclaims Her New-Found Home With a Fresh Single, "This Freedom"

From Paris to Los Angeles, and finally, Nashville, the Country Artist, and Singer/Songwriter Auregan release an uplifting single titled, "This Freedom." As the only French Singer/Songwriter in Country Music, Auregan is quickly establishing her place in the industry.

After garnering vast success through the releases of her previous albums, "Mon Tricorne Noir," "Rock Movie," and "Tortuga," Auregan became noticed by the late Grammy Award-winning Producer BUSBEE, who helped her career skyrocket into the depths of Country music. Auregan found herself in need of a new producer; this is where Jeff Coplan comes in and changes Auregan's career forever.

Teaming up with Jeff Coplan to release her single, "This Freedom," Auregan created this song to tell her life's story of landing in LA and driving cross-country while stopping in various states to deliver her unique sounds to new audiences. With the song's tight Country-Rock/Folk instrumentals, Auregan truly has our feet stomping with this self-sufficient single.

Auregan's "This Freedom" opens with a warm instrumental delivery through blissful Country instrumentals like the picking of a banjo, organic drum patterns, and twangy electric guitar. As the instrumentals simmer to make way for Auregan's vocal appearance, we're ready to hear what the prodigal artist has to say.

Listening to Auregan's lyricism, she tells her cross-country story regarding the journey towards independence and striving to find a place to call home. Finding it in the heart of America, Auregan exclaims her appreciation for this otherworldly feeling of belonging. Reaching the end of the song, we're sent into a transcendent space with the brilliant instrumentals and Auregan's powerhouse vocals.

We highly encourage our readers to familiarize themselves with the first French singer/songwriter in Country music, primarily through the release of Auregan's appreciative and independent single, "This Freedom."

Why did you decide to create a song that notes your cross-country travels with "This Freedom?"

To make it quick, I started a new life in America a couple of years ago, and my goal starting over here has always been Country Music. I spent months driving across many States, sleeping in the back of my truck. I just wanted to meet people, see as many things as could with my own eyes. During this journey I made amazing friends, I saw magnificent landscapes, and overall I experienced a lot on a very personal level. Country Music is all about being honest, telling your story, and sharing how you feel. It felt natural that my first song after all this would be a song like “This Freedom.”

Speaking on the exceptional instrumentation and production within "This Freedom”, what was your creative process like when working with Producer Jeff Coplan?

Jeff is an amazing producer, and I think he’s at the top of his game. He trusted me, he felt my story was really worth telling, and I trusted him 100% in return, based on the facts he is a good person, and of course based on his previous achievements. Everything he does turns into music gold. I knew he would make that song a pure hit, and a good, down to heart song.

The process in itself was again very natural: we sat together, discussed a lot, wrote the song together, then we got into the studio to record.

Your songwriting skills are truly top tier, especially seeing as English is your second language. How did you create your lyrics for "This Freedom" to capture each moment within your travels across America?

Thank you! At some point, I shared with Jeff a long list of ideas, phrases, rhymes, memories. Some were overviews of my experiences, some were specific sensations like… my toes in the sand. Sometimes ideas came with a melody, sometimes it was just lyrics. We selected the best ideas of all and tried to retrace my road from Los Angeles to Nashville.

The song is a series of moments, feelings I experienced. You feel the golden light on your face, you feel the wind in your hair… It became “The feeling of this Freedom”.

We ended with a feel-good song, and that really fits with the place I am in my life right now. Our collaboration with Jeff made this song happen. I am really happy to put out a song that’s positive, that brings good vibes.

Seeing as you're originally from Paris, you're incredibly fluent in our native tongue of English. What helped you get to know the lyrical content and typical themes of Country music?

I gotta say I listen to a lot of Country Music. I discovered contemporary country when renting my first car at LAX years ago. The rental had Sirius Xm, Go Country 105, Kix Hot Country… When you like something, it comes easy to understand it better every day.

Also, I could say the storytelling and the chords that are at the core of Country Music were no stranger to me because my career in Europe was in the Rock and Celtic genre. Celtic Music, to make a big shortcut, comes from Irish Music. And Country Music comes from Irish Music too. I didn’t know it then, but all my French career gave me the basics of Contemporary Country!

As for knowing the typical themes, I believe Country Music talks true to a lot of people because it speaks of them, and to them. When I was on my journey, I met a lot of people. I’m talking Boyd Texas, Anaconda Montana, SpringHill TN, Tuba City AZ, Grants NM… Not big cities but small towns, and real people.

To me, coming from another continent, eating a smoked brisket rolled in a greasy slice of bacon, and talking with the cook that’s just right there on the other side of the counter, first it is an amazing memory, and second, when you live those moments you start to understand better the real values that country music is about. And that speaks to me.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

Well… I left my family and my friends to come here. I am driven. There’s not much that can shake you when you take such a big leap, because the most difficult is behind you.

Music has been hit very, very hard in 2020, struggling talents and largest ventures. I also have had my fair share of down moments. But our strength is to stay creative. People need arts, music, and movies to keep moving forward. Covid canceled all my meetings after CRS, the Country Radio Seminar. I stayed in Nashville and used that time to write. “This Freedom” is the first thing that came out of all this.

As to giving advice, it’s always difficult. I am not pretending I know how to do it. To me, it’s a lot of alone time with my ukulele, my guitar, and my piano. I see a lot of examples of artists releasing content right now. I think that’s the only way we can try to get our heads out of the water.

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