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Austin David Gives Us A Groovy Summer Hit With New Single “Stay”

Austin David is a soulful pop singer based in Los Angeles, CA. Austins music encompasses a fresh and modern sound that is perfect to be playing with this nice weather rolling in! As a singer/songwriter, Austin curates his songs with such a bubbly feel—there’s no way you’re feeling down listening to Austins music that’s for sure. Austin David is an artist who definitely found his voice in his artistry, and uses it to provide a certain type of energy to his listeners. 

Austins “Stay” encompasses a fresh and modern sound that is perfect to be playing with this nice weather rolling in! The exact type of music you would expect to be listening to on a bright summer day (hopefully with a drink in hand). Immediately listening to “Stay” we’re introduced to a funky beat. Soon Austin’s catchy lyricism comes in, and we’re feeling pretty upbeat and energetic. Austincreates a fun environment with his music—such an environment that makes me want to dance! I quite literally couldn’t stay still while listening to this track. “Stay” creates just the kind of mood you want—especially so for me on this lazy Sunday afternoon. “Lover, I’m on my knees now, you bring the best out of me. Don’t leave”—catchy lyricism no doubt! Austin David is definitely the type of artist that puts energy and groove into his songs—we can’t wait to see what he’s up to next!

Hum along with “Stay” on Spotify, and continue reading for Austin’s interview with us at BuzzMusic!

Hey Austin! Introduce yourself to the listeners of BuzzMusic!

Hi, My name is Austin David. I'm an L.A. based singer/songwriter originating in Michigan. I love the guitar and and that's my main instrument. I moved out here 7 years ago to pursue the dream! Spend most of my time writing and recording and perfecting the craft. I also play out as much as I can.

Where did your inspiration stem from in order to curate “Stay”?

I'm always try to bottle up that "PCH, summer drive, falling in (or out) of love, california, chill-surf-vibes. I love jazzy chords and bluesy licks.

Was “Stay” executed in the way you initially envisioned it to be?

Originally I just had the chorus and guitar parts. I was struggling to get  good verses. I brought it into my producer Garen, and we hashed it out the remaining parts. He's a great songwriter and really helped me execute the vision of it.

Who are the top three artists you look up to today? How big of an impact do you think they have on your music curation?

Kurt Cobain- His prolific songwriting ability, his ability to blend genres, and the depth to his lyrics. Stevie Ray Vaughn- Lets be honest, he was the baddest guitarist to walk the earth. I gravitate towards his spirit. It's like an other-worldly experience when you get immersed in his songs like "Lenny" and "Life by the drop". Bob Marley- he'll always be mine #1. I was rocking the legends album at age 5. As I got older and learned more,  I strongly identified with the "lets smoke a joint and groove reggae music" type of vibe the he helped cultivate.

What can we expect to see from you throughout the rest of 2019?

I have a couple of music videos in the works. A kick-ass director found me on Spotify and offered to shoot a pro bono video. So that's been booked!

I have a show in L.A June 2 at the Song Bird Cafe. 

Also, I'm playing Kurt Cobain for 5 shows coming up in June in Laughlin, Nevada. It's this event at a casino out there called the 27 Club. There's an Amy Winehouse, Janis, Hendrix, Morrison and Robert Johnson etc. It's a cool throwback concert, paying homage to all the greats that passed at 27. I'll continue to be pushing new singles, videos, and shows. Stay relentless.


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