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Austin David Gives Us Modern Motown Flare In Hot New Single “Show Me The Money”

Born and raised in Michigan, the undeniably gifted singer/songwriter, Austin David move to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue his passion. Austin David creates music for the soul, it’s pop/dance vibes fused with the sounds of motown grooves gives him the ultimate summer flavor, all year round. Austin spends countless hours perfecting his music and states that he’ll always keep his motown roots. 

Out now is Austin David’s hot new single, “Show Me The Money”. Funky to the core, “Show Me The Money” takes the listener on a journey of sound that demands to be heard. Austin’s unique authenticity shines through the speakers to make his distinctive sound known to the world. :She Me The Money” is the perfect dance track to play at any event this summer. I can picture myself jamming out to this song with friends at the pool bar or nightclub. The riff gets instantly stuck in your head and the relentlessly catchy beat has me toe-tapping along. I’m a big fan of music that insists you get up and move and Austin David has successfully created that feeling for his fans. If “Show Me The Money” is a hint at what’s to come from Austin David then we are here for it! Stay on the lookout for this powerhouse artist, Austin David.

Listen to “Show Me the Money” here and keep scrolling for our interview with Austin!

What have you been up to since we last featured your track “Stay”?

I shot the music video fro "show me the money" then I did a run of shows out inn Laughlin, Nevada for the 27 Club (where I played the role of Kurt Cobain)

How did “Show Me The Money” come to fruition?

I wrote that earlier this year with my producer Rokman. Just in the studio. spur of the moment type of writing.

Tell us more about “Show Me The Money”. What was the writing process like?

I had the riff and melodies at home, then brought it into the studio with Rokman. And we finished it in a couple days.

What your favorite part of “Show Me The Money”? Why?

I love the fusion between blues licks and pop EDM hooks.

What challenges have you faced as an artist?

Cutting thru the noise and getting exposure.

How have you overcome them?

I consistently put out new music, and and always working on marketing and the live show.

Just consistently put out new music


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