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Austin Fillmore Is Done With The Games In Hot New Track “Play Wit Me”

Austin Fillmore comes to us from Chicago, a unique and eclectic hip-hop artist full of surprises. He likes the bend the rules when it comes to the music industry, he’s passionate about all music and like the play with different genres. Growing up taught to stray away from emotion and feeling, his breaking through the barriers to create a movement. His honesty and conviction are evident in his lyrics and he’s an up and comer to stay on the lookout for!

“Play Wit Me” is a catchy hip-hop tune about the ups and downs of love. It’s unique sound and backbeat have us bumping it on repeat! In only 2 minutes and 41 seconds Austin is able to convey his message and give us a look at his creative style. Auntin’s precise flow and professional lyricism is refreshing. “Feeling something is better than nothing at all” is my favorite lyric because it describes the feelings toward a complicated relationship or situation. Austin encourages his fans to submit to emotions and feelings. He disagree with the idea of hyper-masculinity and believe that introspection is necessary for personal growth.   Wise beyond his years, the rap veteran has a fierce and confident energy that bumps through the speakers and emits a positive vibe to any room. “Play Wit Me” is a deliberately rap & hip-hop song with layers of expansive knowledge into what makes a hit. Austin’s style is constantly changing. At times, he sticks to classic hip-Hop & rap stylings, but he occasionally dips into the genres of alternative and hard rock so we can’t wait to hear what he delivers next!

Listen to "Play Wit Me" here and get to know more about Austin Fillmore below!

Hi Austin! Can you tell us more about yourself and your background in the music industry?

Yea..from Chicago IL...I grew up in a church home with a Musical parent so music has always been a big party of my life...I played saxophone, clarinet, and piano growing up but stopped to pursue basketball As I got older I got back into the music world by rapping at parties and such..I guess I was pretty good at it cause a friends was like should try making a career out of first I was hesitant but some crazy life situations happen that made me realize that yea I wanna pursue something like this.. I started making songs with friends and releasing them and it just kinda grew from there 

What keeps you inspired to write?

It changes all the time..lately I’ve been having a lot of fun so a lot of the music I’ve been writing lately has the good vibe party feel..but it changes ever so often..but writing is one of the ways I express myself so I think that’s the main motivation behind it

What’s the meaning behind “Play Wit Me”? 

It’s a song that on the surface is a fun bop..but when u actually listen to the words you can hear me talking about a girl who plays with my heart and only uses me for the clout or the exciting moments I can give her but not actually wanting me for me 

What would be your dream collaboration?

There def is more than one but I think I would shit my pants if I got to work with 

Kanye , drake, or wiz 

For someone who have never seen you perform, how would you describe your live set and energy on stage?

Very very very high energy level! I’m all over the place..dancing jumping a black preacher in his church ...doing whatever it takes properly deliver my message while gettin a rise out of the audience 

What's next for you?

A lot of singles dropping this year..the plan is to drop 1-2 singles a monthA lot of big one is June 22 in Chicago at HvAc And just flooding the internet with content that will inspire and change ppl and help them have a good time 


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