Austin Markham Encourages Self-Reflection with His Heartfelt Pop Ballad, "Look At Me Now"

Nashville artist Austin Markham's upcoming single "Look At Me Now,” is only a mere snippet of what’s to come from his forthcoming debut EP ‘Me.’

Taking sonic inspiration from artists such as Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Liam Payne, he dips into easy-going elements while exuding his artistic virtuoso. Etching glimmers of confidence into himself throughout the creation process of “Look At Me Now,” Austin Markham sends us in a frenzy as we delve into the latest track.

As Austin Markham extends a warm invitation to the vulnerability he pours out from his soul, we can’t help but latch onto the irresistible croons that he belts out in a mellow display of emotion.

A soothing ambiance pulls you into an oasis of his inner findings as to the lens we peek through is chalked full of reflections that mirror the vivid mind of this emerging artist. As the opulent guitar riffs gently make up the musical foundation in which Austin Markham lays a brilliant cascade of sentimentally charged lyrics, the quality that lies upon “Look At Me Now,” radiates the remarkable production at hand.

This single makes up Austin Markham’s unique musical lane, as it also shares a designated spot in the mainstream appeal of Pop. Navigating listeners through a narrative that touches on a series of important messaging, we hear a deeply hopeful quintessence throughout the record's progressions.

Hoping that everyone who hears this song will reflect on the struggles they’ve preserved through, and come