Austin Riddle Can’t Help But Adore You in His New Song "Want It"

Austin Riddle’s new single, "Want It" is the definition of smooth. As a classically trained Jazz pianist, this singer/songwriter knows how to create a stunning melody. Using the bounce of a funkified bass line to keep the song groovin’ and adding the embellishments of a piano, Austin describes the experience of wanting someone, and the need to have his affection returned. These feelings of romance mixed with lust are not abrasive. They are tasteful and gently delivered. In fact, the song is crafted with a careful balance that allows the vocals to stand out from the dynamic background beat.

Austin has succeeded in creating a sound that is both classic and modern. The bass line is a throwback to the days of Bootsy Collins and P-funk, while his vocal style is as modern as Drake. In order to hone his style, Austin has collaborated with various R&B & Hip-Hop artists such as Luther Lizama and D-Bibbs. As an artist, Austin uses music as therapy. By sharing his experience, he hopes to reach others who may be going through similar frustrations. Over the years, Austin has developed his songwriting, production, and vocal skills to create the music he loves. He continues to grow while staying true to his classical roots. We look forward to seeing what he does next!

Listen to "Want It" here.

Hey Austin, welcome back to BuzzMusic! Thank you for being here to answer some questions. So let’s get started. How did you get into learning Jazz and Classical piano?

My dad actually started