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Austin Riddle Premieres His Newest Single “Close”

"I'm just out here making music for myself, and sharing my journey with everyone else" Riddle says "I love people and I hope my music can help them enjoy life to the fullest".

Austin Riddle is a classically trained and jazz pianist who has immersed himself into creating music to be enjoyed by the masses. Austin has been developing his songwriting skills over the last few years and routinely collaborates with other R&B, rap, and hip hop musicians. He released his single titled Close and it begins with the ultimate experience. The wandering melodies show blends of the cultural mix of pop and rnb. Austin Riddle has a natural star appeal to his artistry and you hear it within his music. His polished voice goes through an up and down vocal register from chest all the way to high. The feel-good sound “Close” is what makes this record so breathtaking. You find yourself becoming lost within the song and even grooving along to the dance able beat. Each element of the single warrants its place onto the track and flows in a cohesive manner. “Close” is the perfect song to catch a groove too, and we’re sure Austin Riddle has a bright future ahead of him filled with prosperity and success in this music industry!

Listen to Austin Riddle's "Close" here and get to know more about the artist below!


Is songwriting something you find to be natural for you?

I would say it's something that I've always been mesmerized by. I used to love the structure of Bob Marley songs as a kid and would make up songs in the car with my dad and sister all the time. I always felt like I was the best at it, haha.

Tell us about your release “Close” What is the song about? What's the meaning of the song to you?

This is the crossover point for my RnB and pop styles. This is just a cry out to someone I love dearly. I always feel like I'm alone in situations and I never want the person I love to ever feel like that.

What inspired you to write “Close” ?

I was in a situation where I hurt someone. I wanted them to know that I'll always be there for them. I wanted her back, and I wanted her to know I would do anything for it.

Can you tell us a bit about your songwriting process? Do you write your own music?

I almost always write the melody first. I'm so obsessed with how lines of notes flow together and lyrics are definitely a bi-product of that. When I make a beat, I have a whole idea of what the song will sound like, and whatever mood it has, decides what experiences in my life I'll write about.

What’s next for you through 2019?

I plan to do a lot of shows in and around the Atlanta area. I'm also releasing so much new music and look forward to hearing input from fans! I'm also releasing a brand new merch page on my website.


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