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Austin Riddle's New Release of "Finer" Is Giving Us All The Feels

Turn the lights down, stereo up (especially base), join in the company of a (consensual) partner and hit play on Austin Riddle’s new hot track "Finer". The track will set the mood to impress as it warmly engages its listeners with its sensuous ballad, but keeps you moving with its steady low frequency beat; romance is on full display. Riddle’s smooth and charming voice is reminiscent of the likes of Usher, Chris Brown, and Justin Timberlake- a perfect addition to the contemporary R&B genre.

Just like in his track "Finer," Riddle aims to please and has immersed himself in creating music to be enjoyed by the masses. Actively developing his songwriting skills, Riddle is also a classically trained concert and jazz pianist who routinely collaborates with other R&B, rap and hip-hop musicians. "I'm just out here making music for myself, and sharing my journey with everyone else,” Riddle says. And we thank Riddle for sharing his music, because "Finer" really showed off this artists ability to attract an audience, and hold that attraction throughout the length of the track.

Join Austin today and listen to "Finer," now streaming on Spotify.

Don't forget to scroll down to check out this artists exclusive interview, where we're let in on his outlook on life, and how that resonates with his music!


Hi Austin, it was a pleasure to listen to your new song, ‘Finer.’ What motivated you to write a song like that?

This was actually a song I wrote the day before the birthday of someone very special to me. It's funny, I was actually sitting on this really funky beat I made that was intended for a less sentimental type of song. But, I was eager to finish the song for this person's birthday and came to find that these kind of heartfelt lyrics fit so well with such a funk-driven instrumental.

What about the R&B genre is appealing to you?

I'm obsessed with R&B because of the what it does to its listeners. In today's R&B, the genre is driven by a mix of pop and hip-hop. To me, its such a good outlet for anyone to dance to, sing along to, and to just feel. In every other genre, its either driven by the melody, the beat, the chords, or the lyrics. But being immersed into classical and jazz music my whole life, i'm obsessed with how you feel listening to music. And that's just what R&B is for me. 

You seem to have a very positive outlook on life, do you try to bring that into the music you create?

Absolutely. I think that there's so much negativity in this world from the media and news outlets, which isn't something we don't already know.  I feel like my purpose is based on joy. Not to say that I don't go through hard times, but I think in order to not just survive but to really "live" life you have to have joy in as many circumstances as possible. I want my music to be something people can really appreciate, cherish, dance to, and just enjoy life with. I want my music to be a staple of just letting go and loving music and life. I truly believe that music is love and medicine, and I try every day to make music that follows that.

What message do you want to get across to fans about yourself?

I want people to know that I'm just a regular Italian kid from Birmingham that loves life. I'm obsessed with business and following a process. My goal is to perform at Madison Square Garden and I'm just following the process to get there. There's no rush at all. I just love the PROCESS. I want people to know that I'm compassionate. If I could talk to all my fans and help them with their problems I would in a heartbeat. 

What are you looking forward to working on next?

I'm currently working on tons of merchandise that will be up on my website very soon I'm also looking forward to evolving with my music. I want to continue my journey and put out as much music as possible. I love my supporters and I will work to serve them every day.


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