Austin Riddle's New Release of "Finer" Is Giving Us All The Feels

Turn the lights down, stereo up (especially base), join in the company of a (consensual) partner and hit play on Austin Riddle’s new hot track "Finer". The track will set the mood to impress as it warmly engages its listeners with its sensuous ballad, but keeps you moving with its steady low frequency beat; romance is on full display. Riddle’s smooth and charming voice is reminiscent of the likes of Usher, Chris Brown, and Justin Timberlake- a perfect addition to the contemporary R&B genre.

Just like in his track "Finer," Riddle aims to please and has immersed himself in creating music to be enjoyed by the masses. Actively developing his songwriting skills, Riddle is also a classically trained concert and jazz pianist who routinely collaborates with other R&B, rap and hip-hop musicians. "I'm just out here making music for myself, and sharing my journey with everyone else,” Riddle says. And we thank Riddle for sharing his music, because "Finer" really showed off this artists ability to attract an audience, and hold that attraction throughout the length of the track.

Join Austin today and listen to "Finer," now streaming on Spotify.

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