Austin Ward's Stunning Melodic Sound Is Back With Single "Find the Feeling"

Today we showcase LA-based singer/songwriter Austin Ward and his latest musical offerings. For those of you who know the artistic persona of Austin Ward, you'll know that he's incredibly authentic in the way he manifests his sound. You'd also know that his primary sound is full of his genuine thoughts, always backed with a tranquil melody. Of course, there are moments when Austin Ward changes it up with his sound, but for the most part, you can expect to feel captivated by the innocence that comes along with Austin Ward's voice, and probably hypnotized by the curative rhythms. We feel ultimately free with the music of Austin Ward, feel like we can attain and experience anything.

Austin Ward brings more and more charm to each and every song he releases. His latest offering, "Find the Feeling" brings a certain kind of magic to his usual sounding, and takes listeners on an introspective journey full of reflection. Austin Ward has always been an artist that comes off as very natural and collected. "Find the Feeling" displays these qualities intrinsic to Austin Ward's sound, and he ultimately has the power of making listeners feel a sense of calamity. For us, we found it particularly easy to get lost within "Find the Feeling". The electronic presence within the track is what ultimately elevated it for us. There wasn't one part in the track where we felt our attention wasn't attracted, and we can confidently say that it stems from the nonchalant and easygoing flow Austin Ward possesses. For the future, we're interested to see how he's able to extend and grow his emotionally stirring sound.

Listen to "Find the Feeling" by Austin Ward, here.