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Austin Ward Sweeps Us Away With "Where Does That Leave Us?"

Austin Ward lets the heartache sweep him away to the land of sullen songwriting with "Where Does That Leave Us?" If you want music that reverberates through your chest, taking aim at your heart, then consider the sexy approach of LA’s Austin Ward on his new release “Where Does that Leave Us?” I’m picturing rainy days that aren’t too drenched. It’s perfect for minds that are open to new experiences, but still want to remain within the realm of a cultured understanding. “People change, feelings change too,” he moans, and you can tell he’s given up already. “Where does that leave us?”

Who doesn’t love them some sultry male vocals with a seriously emotive basis.

The instrumentation is on point, too, thanks to warbly, deep synths and plucked deliciousness. Obviously a relationship is coming to an end, but the infectious tone of the record means you really don’t want it too. You can feel the ache as something valuable shifts, never to be in the same place again. It’s a brokenhearted lullaby. It’s cars racing by while you’re stuck outside. And like I said, it’s raining. If you liked this then you’re in luck, because Austin Ward has singles planned for release every few weeks, culminating in an EP release at the end of the year.

Make sure to check out "Where Does That Leave Us" on Spotify.


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