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Australian Group This New Light Release Tuneful Single “The Mountains”

This New Light is a recently formed contemporary songwriting group based in Brisbane, Australia. Creating vibrant and cinematic folk songs, this project has earned a small but devoted following in Brisbane. Led by Samuel Ayling, this group is gaining momentum and have played some incredibly exciting shows. They are excited for 2019 as it will bring yet more releases and a continuation of their sound with the upgrades that experience brings.

“The Mountains” is a new single from This New Light’s debut EP. The intro is a simple and contemplative acoustic guitar, eventually transforming into a much more rhythmic groove. The vocals that enter shortly thereafter are soothing and well produced. The acoustic guitar tracks are intricate, rhythmic, and play off each other in an effective way. This song’s overall mood is contemplative, relaxing and adventurous. In general, “The Mountains” is great as a result of it’s slow build, introducing new elements as the song goes on in a tasteful and measured way. Gradually introduced is a snare drum, hand claps, and even a brass section towards the end. The chorus itself is developed this way, with each recurring chorus introducing new elements. This demonstrates a great sense of taste as none of the additions of these instruments gets in the way of the overall arc of the song. When the song ends, the only thing you’ll want to do is to play it again. We highly recommend you check out this new project today!

Listen to "The Mountains" here and get to know more about This New Light below!

Thanks for catching up with us! First of all, how did this group form originally?

This New Light is a recently formed music project that is still defining itself as we go along. About a year ago, Tom and I were just two mates who played the odd cover gig together and enjoyed a good late-night jam sesh wherever we found ourselves. At the time, we were both at university; Tom had begun his journey in the realm of medical studies, and I had almost completed my Bachelor of Music majoring in Jazz. Towards the end of my degree, I got a little bit more serious about the idea of starting a music project, and began writing originals for what would later become our debut EP. The process was honestly a little messy, as I often found myself jumping ahead most of the time and leaving Tom out of the loop. We’ve realised now this was due to a bit of miscommunication regarding the direction of the project. But we eventually finished the EP and were super pumped to play our first show at the Milk Factory (which almost sold out!).It’s also been amazing to involve some other mates in the gigging process who have really lifted the sound of our live shows. We’ve actually managed to play every gig with a different band set up. It’s actually so fun! Currently, we’re revising what the project really looks like, and this has resulted in Tom stepping back from his position at the forefront of this project. What was previously marketed as a duo, will now look more like an artist project, where Tom and the other lads will predominantly appear for live performances. 

How would you describe the music scene in Brisbane and in Australia in general?

It’s really difficult to say, as we’ve only just started our journey with this project. So far, we’ve been fortunate enough to open for some great artists like Winterbourne and Patrick James. These are the kind of gigs that really grow our fan base, we’re hoping to lock in more like this. Being independent, I’m finding it quite challenging to source new gigs and venues where we can perform, but I know it’s all part of the journey. It’s always about who you know. Maybe in 12 months or so, check back with us as to how we’re going!

What is your writing process like? How does your music come together?

As I’m sure many artists would say, it changes each time and never quite looks the same. 

The songs that we released on our new EP initially came together fairly quickly. I’d often bring an idea to Tom and we’d flesh it out over a few days. But I’ve come to realise that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, meaning I spent another 4-6months on those songs refining the structure and lyrics. Some songs were a real hard slog, others seemed polished enough from the start. Again, every song on that record came together differently, so I wouldn’t really say there has been a typical writing process. From the writing stage, I’d then be the one to lay the track down into Logic, writing parts for each of the songs. This is a process I’m still really new to. I only got Logic late in 2018, and I’ve slowly been figuring out how to use it. Considering Logic was such a foreign tool then, I’m pretty stoked that our first EP (self-produced) has received a really positive response!

Who would you say your biggest collective musical influences are?

Being a folk nut, I’d probably say artists like Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Bear’s Den, Dustin Tebutt, Hollow Coves, Novo Amor, Rayland Baxter, The Paper Kites & Alexander Biggs, to name a few. (Honestly, I could go on, but it’s embarrassing how nerdy I get when it comes to music). But I really just appreciate any music that stands for itself; the kind of music that is never really seeking the biggest stage, provided that it’s “sound" stays true to itself. I really respect artists and bands who write music that they love. I think that says volumes. Generally though, to answer your question, any artist who is in the broader folk and alternative genre, I love. 

What can we hope to see from you in 2019 and beyond?

Really good question. It’s something that I’ve been asking myself a lot recently. As I’m still really new to the music industry, I’m not 100% sure. I’m learning as a go. But to give you something tangible, I think another EP is definitely on the cards. I’ve already written 5 new songs that I’d love to work on with a local producer. I think the songs are really special, and they have gone down well with audiences when we’ve played them live. Although, I’m not too sure I could say when exactly the EP is set to drop. On the performing side of things, we’re just hoping to lock in more gigs supporting awesome bands. I’ve been trying recently to get in touch with touring artists who are visiting Brisbane. The support positions would be great, but unfortunately the bigger artists often confirm support acts before they announce their tours. I’d also love to get a few spots at some music festivals this year, but that’s easier said the done. Overall, we’re really trying to do anything and everything we can to get our music and name out there. That’s going to look different every time, but that’s all part of the fun!


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