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Australian Rapper, Singer and Songwriter Drops Debut Single “Come and Go”

Mohsin Qureshi, artistically known as SIN, just dropped his debut single “Come and Go” and it deserves a listen. Originally from Hyderabad, Pakistan, this Australian based rapper migrated to Sydney at a young age. His music is heavily influenced by American rap culture mixed with the more laid-back Aussie way of life.

“Come and Go” provides us with a reminder that all things in life are temporary and SIN’s poetic approach to lyrics is raw and intriguing. His rapping is clean and his lyrics are refreshing. Lyrics like “temporary life I know, borrowed breath just rise and fall” depict the transitory aspects of life and just how quickly things may change. The song starts off with a soft melody with a dark and serious feel that is soon backed up by a catchy beat. Details added to the track, like the flute melody, clearly illustrate SIN’s ability to not only grab a listener’s attention but to understand how which tones will complement the tone of the track.

We’re looking forward to SIN’s exciting future.

Stream "Come and Go" here.


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