Australian Rock Collective Bligh Has a Brand New Single “07”

Five high school friends hailing from the Gold Coast Australia, Bligh are increasingly referred to as one of the most exciting upcoming bands in the country. With catchy, danceable riffs and hooks that won’t leave your head, Bligh are making waves nationally with their captivating and high energy live shows. With a number of self-released singles charting high on Triple J Unearthed and many more soon to be released, BLIGH are currently hard at work on their debut EP after coming off a successful national tour. The tour was in support of the first of their Exit 89 series of singles; a group of songs that are all about hedonistic, decadent and formative experiences growing up on the Gold Coast. The single collection will continue to roll out over 2019 sporting the band's signature Gloss rock/sleep-deprived disco sound.

Bringing back the lightness and energy of punk-rock, alongside thoughtful songwriting and creative melodic development, “07” feels enjoyably nostalgic but also introduces a fresh voice and a new approach to lyricism. At the same time, it seemingly walks the link between soft-rock and punk-pop, occasionally feeling a little more indie and almost grunge-like in the way this leading voice pours through. There’s a detailed story at work throughout the song, plenty of openness and reflective ideas emerge, in contrast with that though is the fact that “07” is decidedly upbeat sounding. The further you listen to the song though, there’s a definite level of depth to these lyrics, and they quickly become the track’s greatest selling point. I highly recommend you give it a listen.

Listen to “07” here and check out our exclusive interview with Bligh below! 

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Tell us about your new single “07”. What inspired this track? What was the creation process like?

We wrote this track at schoolies. It just came really easily. It was two acoustic guitars and we just built it up from that guitar riff. Our goal was to make something a bit more indie than what we normally go for and I'd like to think we got there.

What do you hope your listeners take away from this release?

We hope that they want more! We want to make music to have fun too. So I guess what we'd love is for people to groove to it in the car with friends or queue it at a house party. If people have fun with it we couldn't be happier.

How would you describe your live performance? What was the most memorable moment on tour so far?

Our live sets are definitely maximalist. We just want people to move and thankfully they generally do. Just like everything with us we just want everyone to have a good time. 

How have you grown and evolved as a band since your debut? What have you learned?

I think when we started we were really obsessed with sounding like The Wombats or Panic!. Now I think we are at the stage where we are just making what we love and if other people love it too that's a bonus.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

I can tell you we are in the midst of creating it. It's called tentatively 'Sunsets' and has 6 tracks that will do anything from blow you away to feel like you listened to an indie pop diary entry. 


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