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Auti Gets Raw On “Greed”

Auti's latest song, "Greed," is a thought-provoking and introspective track that showcases her impressive skills as a musician, singer, and songwriter. The lyrics are carefully crafted to convey a powerful message about the destructive force of greed in the world, which is a topic that Auti is deeply passionate about.

The song opens with the lines, "I've been looking around for some level ground, think I finally found the source of the world's pain." This sets the tone for the rest of the track, as Auti dives into the issue of greed and how it has contributed to many of the world's problems. She vividly depicts people trading "gold for gold" and leaving nothing but "growing corpses" in their wake.

Despite the heavy subject matter, Auti's vocals are uplifting and hopeful. She sings with a clear and powerful voice, infusing each line with emotion and conviction. The chorus is particularly catchy, with Auti repeating the phrase "your world runs on greed" in a haunting and unforgettable way. She sings with a firey and emotional intensity, infusing the lyrics with a sense of urgency and passion. Auti's voice is powerful and expressive, conveying the deep-seated emotions and frustrations inherent in the song's message.

The song's verses are as strong as the chorus, with Auti showcasing her ability to write unfiltered and raw lyrics. She talks about how people often play the victim while never taking responsibility for their actions and how pursuing fame and success can lead to a shallow and meaningless existence.

As the song progresses, the beat becomes more complex, with additional layers of percussion and electronic elements. The mix of different sounds creates an exciting and dynamic texture that keeps the listener engaged and adds depth to the music.

One of the standout features of the beat is its ability to complement the lyrics and vocal delivery. The beat's intensity builds along with the emotion of Auti's lyrics, and the electric elements help amplify the urgency and power of her message. The beat perfectly supports the song's overall theme, which is a commentary on the destructive nature of greed and its negative impact on society.

"Greed" is a powerful and thought-provoking song that will resonate with listeners. Auti's talent as a songwriter and musician shines through in every line, and her passion for mental health awareness and suicide prevention is evident in the way she uses her music to make a difference in the world. With her impressive viral success and growing fanbase, Auti is an artist to watch in the coming years.

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Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Auti! An explosive congrats on the massive drop with “Greed” How did you come up with the concept for "Greed," and what was your inspiration for the lyrics?

“Greed” was written from a place of frustration. I was talking with my dad, and we somehow got on the topic of wealth and power in this world and how it’s used. We concluded the conversation with one word - greed. Many of the lyrics are inspired by the transparent wrong you see being fed right in front of you from the roots of wealth and power that comes from that wealth.

Are there any specific musicians or artists who have influenced your sound, and can we hear any of those influences in "Greed?”

In my everyday artistry, I take a lot of inspiration from Ariana Grande regarding my vocals and vocal production, and some songs. Songwriting flows how it flows for me, so I do my own thing in that aspect. “Greed” has a very different sound, and I haven’t been able to put it into a category as far as genre or inspiration.

Your social media presence has played a large role in your career. How do you use platforms like TikTok and Instagram to promote your music, including "Greed"?

Nowadays, it’s hard for social media not to play some sort of role in a music career, as unfortunate as that can be at times, haha. Staying consistent in sharing the message and being authentic has been the best for promoting whatever I’ve done. At the end of the day, though, I feel like social media is just one big guessing game for everyone.

You've mentioned that mental health awareness and suicide prevention are important issues for you. How does "Greed" tie into those causes, and how do you hope your music can help raise awareness for them?

When I talk about the extremely rich and privileged of the world using their money and power to change lives, I’m aware of how that can go just as bad down the road as good as it did when it first happened. So, I’m not talking about giving multiple random people a million dollars but taking little steps that can’t go bad—for example, connecting with a mental health organization and paying for a month of therapy for a couple of people, as there are a few individuals out there that make what a year's worth of therapy for 100 people would be in just one hour—or supporting a specific cause that ties into mental health awareness and suicide prevention because nobody is exempt from the topic of mental health. Everyone has it and deals with it how they do. I’ve written songs addressing mental health from personal experience and have connected with people personally through my music - I’m hoping this song can reach the people who can make a difference even bigger.

Looking ahead, what are some of your long-term goals for your music career and mental health advocacy work, and how do you hope to make a lasting impact on your fans and the broader community through your music and activism, including with songs like "Greed?”

I’m pretty reserved, so talking about any topics I write about in songs would almost be uncomfortable. Of course, addressing mental health isn’t, but a song like “Greed” can be. In a sense, it’s a callout song without really calling out, so with songs like this, I want to get people to think. Listen to what I’m saying and… think. Regarding songs based on mental health, I want listeners to feel I’ve been through what I’m singing about. I wrote those lyrics because I felt them. When I think about my career and where I want to be, I think 99% of artists would place themselves on an arena-sized stage performing worldwide. I’m the same, I want my music to be heard, my message to be heard - that you’re not alone. With these hopes and dreams, I plan to go wherever God has planned for me.



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