Autofunix Unites Us All With an Empowering Music Video For, "Together, Rise!"

Shedding light on a message that needs to be heard, the rising singer-songwriter and soulful artist Autofunix unites the people with his brilliant music video titled "Together, Rise!"

Giving us all the emotion of inequality and injustice, Autofunix reminds listeners to fight for their rights and for what they believe will make our world a better place. Heavily touching on this theme for his latest music video, "Together, Rise!," Autofunix has us chanting along with each anthemic lyric that moves mountains.

Offering a soft piano ballad introduction that swells with a massive brass section and pounding drums, Autofunix's single "Together, Rise!" has all the power of change in itself. Speaking on the music video, Autofunix offers a powerful concept that depicts a multicultural group of individuals coming together to avert disaster.

Hitting play on Autofunix's music video for "Together, Rise!," the video opens with a blindfolded individual and various others who seem down and out. As they all wake up and realize their doom is around the corner, they team up into this end of the world scenario and quickly rush to find their options and flee.

Autofunix makes an appearance, not in the same room as these individuals, but offering a powerful performance in a neon-lit room while singing of the fight to create a better tomorrow for every being who roams the earth. While the group works together to find a safe way out, the song's theme and concept become more evident than ever.

Keep your fight alive with Autofunix's empowering music video for "Together, Rise!" on YouTube, and allow the video to strike an emotional and meaningful chord.