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Autonomica Brings The Heat On New Single, "She's Got Your Name"

Autonomica is a four-piece alternative-punk band formed in the heart of Los Angeles, California in 2021 by Filip Ilic (guitar) and Jeremy Long (drums). Shortly thereafter, Jack Heldt (bass) and Maria Schneider (vocals) joined the group. During the most unprecedented times, these four musicians united as a team with one goal: to rock as many socks off as possible.

As a band, Autonomica strives to include both the familiar roots of punk music with a new modern twist, thus combining the familiar with the unique to make one incredible sound.

"She's Got Your Name" opens up with a gritty and electrifying guitar piece by Filip llic as the vigorous drumming by Jeremy Long enters the soundscape. Maria Schneider matches the energy, singing with an edgy, charged emotion that kicks the song into high gear. The raw and unfiltered lyrics add both attitude and prowess to the track. One of the many stand-out lines is when Maria sings: "What's good doesn't always sell" (we all know that is the harsh reality of the music industry).

The band's collective effort brings "She's Got Your Name" to the perfect place sonically. This exhilarating musical journey takes you to the highway to hell, as you cruise down the blazing concrete, "She's Got Your Name" provides the perfect backdrop. You will find yourself enthralled by the grunge-like atmosphere, wanting more and more.

Autonomica's punk rock prowess is evident throughout this track, we're certain that heads will turn and listeners will be on the watch for future releases. In the meantime get to know Autonomica's name and stream their raging new single, "She's Got Your Name" today.

Welcome To BuzzMusic Autonomica! We're so excited to have you with us today! This is such an electrifying single "She's Got Your Name," what started the whole concept and how did you decide on it as a collective?

Filip Ilic (Guitarist): Thank you for having us, BuzzMusic! Pretty much with all of our songs, I would write the music. I usually record the demos in my kitchen using a guitar, a bass, and a drum machine. When they’re finished, I send the recording to the rest of the band members (Jack, Jeremy, and Maria), and then we would practice it together during one of our rehearsals. “She’s Got Your Name” was created exactly that way. It’s the band’s fifth original song. Another thing we do in Autonomica is rotating lyricists. Sometimes, our drummer, Jeremy Long, writes the lyrics, and other times I write them myself. With “She’s Got Your Name,” however, our incredible vocalist Maria Schneider was the lyricist. Her lyrics blended so well with the instrumental. It took the music to a heavier level! When it came down to deciding on which original we should record first, everyone in the band instantly agreed that “She’s Got Your Name” was our strongest song. It’s energetic. It’s raw. It doesn’t slow down. The perfect introduction to the band.

We love the team effort in bringing all the necessary pieces to life for one full-fledged sound. Was it always in the plans to create this type of authentic music or did it happen organically during the creative process?

Jeremy Long (Drummer): Honestly, I would have to say a little of both. Filip and I started the band a few months before bringing in the supremely talented Jack Heldt and the absolutely incomparable Maria Schneider, and it was certainly always our plan to create this type of music early on. In fact, I remember an early discussion with Filip about wanting to capture the raw driving force of the early punk scene, but with a new modern-day flair, which would combine to make one unique sound. That being said, I don’t think either of us realized the magnitude of kick-ass tunes that would be birthed once Jack and Maria came on board and we all got into the rehearsal space together. As cliche as it may sound, every member of this group brings their own something special to the table and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of it with each of them. Each member is so good at what they do that when Filip brings a song demo into a rehearsal, we all really expand upon that together, as a group, with each member adding their own little twist that amps it up to 11. So, for that reason, it is also, at least in part, created organically during the creative process. To tell you the truth, I am impressed by each of my fellow band members on a daily basis!

The beautiful electric vocals, guitars, bass, and energetic drumming set a thrilling mood for the song, how do you make sure everyone contributes equally when creating records like these together?

Jack Heldt (Bassist): I feel we all like to put our personal touch on each track that we come up with. This one, as previously stated, was brought in musically by Filip and lyrically by Maria. Personally, I loved the riff of this track right away and wanted to find a way to accentuate it the best I could. Being the bass player, and having the song start with a bass riff, I wanted to create a big, driving rhythm sound with Jeremy for Filip and Maria to really do their thing on top of. So I cranked up a fuzz pedal and got to work! This one really came together in the rehearsal room and is still one of my favorite tracks that we have. I also would like to mention the great production from Logan Nix. He really nailed the sound we were after in the studio and helped bring the song to life. We tried our best to collectively create a song that really hits hard the whole way through and is a good representation of who we are as a band and individuals. We hope everyone who listens to it digs what we came up with. Stay tuned for the next one!

As a fresh new band on the block, what would you like the main message for new supporters and fans to take away from "She's Got Your Name?"

Maria Schneider (Vocalist): “She’s Got Your Name” is a female anthem. This song was written with the message of the power of feminine energy and sexuality. The lyrics I wrote to deal with frustrations of objectification, exploitation, and feelings of inferiority. The main message new supporters should take away from this song is to reclaim your worth. I hope listeners feel empowered. This song has killer instrumentals from each of my insanely talented bandmates and it’s definitely one to rock out to!

What's up next?

Autonomica: We’re in the process of recording for our first EP and we have a show at The Viper Room on Saturday, May 28th! Doors open at 6:30 PM and we go on at 7:00 PM. You can request tickets at Or DM us @autonomicaofficial on Instagram or Facebook. Come check us out!


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