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Autonomica Instills A Heavy-Hitting Energy With Their Latest EP, 'Mr. Friendly'

Formed in the heart of Los Angeles in 2021, the alternative/hard rock band Autonomica is comprised of Maria Schneider (vocals), Filip Ilic (guitar), and Garrett Althen (drums).

As a band, Autonomica strives to include both the familiar roots of punk music with a new modern twist, thus combining the familiar with the unique to make one incredible sound. This stands especially true in their latest three-track EP, 'Mr. Friendly,' – a brilliant blend of turbulent musicality and dynamic vocals that set the tone for abstract themes.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio in Seattle, Washington, Autonomica kicks the project off with the title track and introductory single, "Mr. Friendly." Sizzling guitar riffs pan through the speakers as the intense atmosphere immerses you in its presence. Accompanied by colossal percussion patterns and haunting timbres that fuel the energetic opener, you're submerged in a headbanging frenzy that has you feeling more than just the instrumentation. But, ushered into dissecting the crafty lyrical motifs conveyed, it seems that "Mr. Friendly" isn't so friendly after all.

Next up on the EP, we take the heavy-hitting pulse down as we ease into the rhythmic essence of "Something I Wanted" – a song based on someone else's idea of you. Combining the graceful relief of Filip Ilic's mid-tempo guitar riffs rumbling through your speakers, there are moments in this track that intentionally up the ante as the drum patterns scurry with anticipation to match Maria Schneider's chilling croons as she cries out lyrics like, "That's something that I'll never let you know." Finally, carefully pulling us towards the final piece of 'Mr. Friendly,' we're awestruck by the dynamism presented thus far.

"Vices" is the third and last track from this body of work; let us tell you, it does not disappoint. It embodies theatrical chaos, yet it's conceived with utter beauty in mind. The instrumentation's disorderly array amalgamates uniquely to profess the passion of Autonomica in its purest moments. Thankfully for Garrett Althen's tightly knit snare hits that drive home this record, an amplified groove is instilled in "Vices" as it leaves the entirety of 'Mr. Friendly' on our mind in a profound manner.

Everything on 'Mr. Friendly' is executed through a boisterous framework and passionate performance. As we take in Maria Schneider's exceptionally written verses, each song's integral structure courtesy of Filip Ilic, and Garrett Althen's impactful energy through bold percussion, we see just how loud and remarkable Autonomica's work on 'Mr. Friendly' is. Listen to the whole EP on all streaming platforms.

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