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Ava Della Pietra Delivers A Smashing New Single And Video, "Ego"

Known for her appearances as a Broadway actor and casting on the major Hollywood hit 'School Of Rock,' the 18-year-old pop star Ava Della Pietra battles with her lover's ego on her latest release.

Making a name for herself on platforms like Parade, American Songwriter, and Just Jared Jr., Ava Della Pietra wrote innocent pop songs about her high school experiences.

Breaking new boundaries contradictory to her Broadway image, she takes on a new role of the 'girl-next-door' with her latest single and video for "Ego." Having upskilled for her role in School Of Rock, the multi-faceted artist grew into a mature superstar with much more to give to the world of music.

Ava Della Pietra's noteworthy comeback exceeds expectations. Delivering a thrilling new single paired with an edgy and exciting music video, the superstar battles her thoughts of boosting somebody's ego.

Ava Della Pietra passionately sings about her romance with a special someone and how they're from two completely different worlds. Wondering if it would ever work, the storyline touches on this dangerous game of love, bouncing to and fro from ideas of him using her and Ava Della Pietra's cherishing the moments. The funky groove embedded into the production brings the fun, nostalgic feelings of yourself back in the high school hallways so hopelessly in love.

A touch of innocence adds all the more complexities to the creative mind of the 18-year-old star. Ava Della Pietra does an amazing vocal performance, guiding us through with stacked harmonies in the verses, bringing an exceptional new texture to the palate of the listener.

Aiming for an advanced degree in music from Harvard, Ava Della Pietra shows no signs of slowing down. Hard work and talent seem to come naturally for the young superstar.


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