Ava Della Pietra Fights Off The Negativity With Her New Song "Optimist"

15-year-old Ava Della Pietra is a multi-instrumentalist, who began performing and writing just a few years after she could walk. Taking part in several broadway productions throughout her years, Ava has stopped at nothing to reach her goals as a performer and an artist. As a supporter of many local and national charities, Ava shows her generosity and holds true to her morals as she develops and grows as a person and a musician.

With relatable and inspiring lyrics, Ava brings us her new single, "Optimist".

“Optimist” shows her positive streak and shines a light on what this young artist is really capable of. You wouldn’t know that Ava was 15-years old by listening to her. Showing us her powerful yet delicate range, her talent is beyond her years and it shows in her song "Optimist".

Ava Della Pietra has the ability to put a smile on everybody’s face with the music she creates. We found "Optimist" to be rather diverse in style and relatable to any audience it reaches. This song is bound to lift your spirits and leave you curious about what comes next from Ava. Be sure to check out "Optimist" here.

Hello Ava! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We hear you started performing at the age of four and not long after you began writing your own songs. Since this was at such a young age, what do you think sparked this interest for you? Did you grow up with a musical family? I loved music from a very young age. I was singing as soon as I could talk, and I started playing the violin and piano when I was 4. My mom is very musical, and she would always sing to me when I was little and play guitar at my pre-school, so I think her love for music inspired my passion for music. 

Who were your influences? I love so many artists like Halsey, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, and I’m constantly coming across new songwriters that I enjoy.

Having been performing and writing so early on in your life, what have you learned along the way that has helped you improve and develop your sound? The best songs come from the strongest emotions. I’ve learned that when writing songs, I have to convey a message that is important to me. I’ve also realized that instead of trying to sound like all of the current pop stars, I should just try to sound like myself and develop my own style.  We loved listening to "Optimist" and especially connected to the message in the lyrics. Can you tell us more about how you wrote this song? I’ve noticed that there is a lack of positivity in the world at the moment, and I strive to change that by creating feel-good-songs that are hopeful, inspiring me to write my newest release, “Optimist”. 

Do the lyrics come from personal experience?

I wrote this song when I was feeling kind of down, and I was trying to pinpoint the reason why.  I realized that it was because of all the negativity and complaints I had heard throughout the day from schoolmates and the news.  I played a few chords on the piano and started singing about how the world would be so much more beautiful if viewed in a more positive light.  Having accomplished so much as a young teenager, what are your goals for the future? Do you have any more music that is currently in the works?

I have so many songs in the works! I have written about 40 songs so far, but I’m finishing my top favorites and am hoping to release them soon. Although I’m currently releasing original singles, one of my goals for the future is to release an album. At some point, maybe I will return to Broadway. I’d also love to be in a movie! But right now, I’m just so excited for everyone to hear my new song “Optimist”, and I really hope people love it as much as I do!