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Ava Morse Shares Her View on Social Media in Her New Single “White Space”

Don’t let her young age fool you, Ava Morse has a lot to say about social media and pop culture. Stepping on to the seen back in 2018 with her debut EP, “Close My Eyes” and six other original works. Morse incorporates strong vocals and undeniable timber to her sound. Relatable to our technologically advancing society, Ava writes about themes of positivity, confidence and how to navigate in our digitally influenced, social media world. “White Space” was produced by Daniel Martin and Devin Rodarte, a song meant to evoke strong emotions in the listener.

Growing up in Generation Z, Ava Morse uses “White Space” to explain her journey. Ava Morse portrays the real truths and harms of a purely social media influenced the world, where one is expected and pressured to always show the positive things in life. Stating how “it's hard to be different because when you are different you try to be the same”. She states that these platforms can make it easy for bullies to target victims with further negativity rather than building them up. Sadly, she expresses the pain of a failed relationship in lyrics, “I thought you were different….but you're not”, one where trust is broken and influences of social media are the downfalls of their connection. She beautifully articulates how “its harder every day to block out what people say” and how we are all victims to white space. We all don’t want to portray a perfect life but it can be hard with growing expectations on social media. Listen to “White Space” here.

Hi Ava and welcome to BuzzMusic. I was truly moved by your lyrics and interpretation of social media. What inspired you to write this song?

Thank you! What inspired me to write White Space was when I noticed how everyone acts like everyone else. Like the lyric, “In this world it’s hard to be different cuz when you are different you try and be the same.” For me, I am really bold with singing, acting, my personal style and swag. That sets me apart from everyone else. Specifically, at school that tends to be a threat and people don’t treat me nice because of it. In the past, I have found my self trying to be like everyone else due to school and also social media. Now I try embrace my uniqueness and surround myself with positive people. This song is about that journey of me noticing how hard it is to be your self and fit in. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Any specific personal experiences or artists?

I draw my inspiration primarily from my experiences. I use singing and songwriting as an outlet for me to express my emotions so whatever I’m feeling I try and sing it out. My songs are like stories with a beat!

Out of your 7 songs, which has been the most challenging to write and why?

Songwriting comes pretty easy to me. Once I have an idea of what I want to write about the lyrics just flow. But I do get stuck on a line or 2 from time to time. But on the song Close My Eyes, I wrote one song and a really liked the verse, then I had just a chorus of another idea. I loved the chorus but couldn’t think of the lyrics. Then my producer gave me the idea to mash together the verse of the other song with this chorus and then I came out with Close My Eyes!

Your vocals are clearly well developed and soulful, have you received any formal training?

Yes, I have trained with vocal coaches since I was six years old. I train with my coach on a weekly basis and when I have a live performance two to three times a week. I have a vocal coach that specializes in pop music and another coach for musical theatre. 

Thank you for giving us this powerful message and musical journey. Where do you see your musical career going in the coming year? 

I see my career and fan base growing! Focusing on more live performances and hoping to be the opening act for artists on tour.



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