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Avi Jay D Gives Listener's Something to Think About in "My Mistress" Song Release

Eclectic artist Avi Jay D has always had the purest passion for songwriting. At the young age of 8, Avi Jay D exposed himself to the songwriting scene, and ever since, he has been constructing riveting narratives for his listeners to enjoy. Writing all of his own music, Avi Jay D finds value in authenticity. He brings theatrical storylines to light within a chilled out atmosphere, and the ultimate product is always intriguing. The most recent work of Avi Jay D includes his album release, featuring 10 tracks that all share similar properties ambiance-wise, but dissipates theme-wise. One particular song of interest from Avi Jay D includes "My Mistress", and throughout the single, it becomes clear that Avi Jay D took his time designing and creating the natural flow of the song.

"My Mistress" comes right off of Avi Jay D's latest album, titled "Vibes". Avi Jay D takes on a contemporary style with the way he went about executing his vocal sound in the track, using autotune to his best advantage, which creates a seriously eclectic effect within "My Mistress". The song has various electronic components blended within, which also accentuates the modern feel of the track. All in all, production-wise, "My Mistress" comes off as alluring and lowkey with its soft energetic buzz. You can easily tell within the track that Avi Jay D prefers working with many genre styles, which produces a collective-type feel while listening along. Content-wise, "My Mistress" really does follow along with the narrative of a mistress, and Avi Jay D takes the opportunity to unfold the realities of such a situation. Down the line, we hope to see more story-driven tracks from Avi Jay D.

Discover "My Mistress" by Avi Jay D here


Welcome, Avi Jay D, and congratulations on the release of your album 'Vibes'. "My Mistress" is the sixth track featured on the album, and the song really creates that cool and collected effect with its production. Are you able to share with our readers the influence that went behind the production of this track, and what stimulated you to produce "My Mistress"?

I think that every artist tries to create a style that defines and differentiates themselves from the others and what I’m trying to produce is a new genre called, ‘audio movies.’ It’s still very much a work in progress, but my hopes are that when people listen to my music they start to visually hear ‘scenes.’ What I mean by that is, when you listen, you can close your eyes and actually see what I’m saying. It’s an entirely different style of storytelling in the sense that I try to blend as many different forms of music into each scene, or song. The song ‘My Mistress’ is a scene that fits perfectly into the storytelling chronology of the entire Vibes audio movie; my music really requires you to listen to the entire album (audio movie) in its entirety in order to fully understand and appreciate the new style that I’m trying to create. I still have a lot of work to do as far as production, mixing, and lyrics go, but I feel like I’m moving in the proper direction. Eventually, I will get this style into an appreciated place that is acceptable to mainstream audiences around the world. 

Knowing that songwriting is an incredibly important part of your artistry, how would you say you feel that your songwriting skills have progressed and grown over the course of your artistic career?

I think my songwriting skills have progressed and continue to progress exponentially. I’ve been writing since I was about 8 years old, but it was primarily poems and fictional short stories, so learning how to adapt that into a traditional music format has it’s severe learning curves. I also write all of the instrumental sounds (samples as some in the industry might say) myself, completely from scratch. So, when the beat is complete and it’s time to start writing rhythms, lyrics, I’m already familiar with the sound and tempo in ways that other artists simply could never emulate. I also don’t write any of my lyrics down on a piece of paper and in fact, almost every song/scene that you listen to me is completed in the first or second takes; so as my skills sharpen, you will hear my impromptu lyrics get better and increasingly philosophically heavy. I take artistry very seriously and I do put a lot of work into trying to become one of the greatest. I practice writing lyrics, poems, instrumentals, and short stories… any form of writing for hours and hours every day. There are times where I’ll just repeat the same line over and over for takes and takes until I feel like I find the right tone of voice. A wise man once told me that greatness is a choice and I want to achieve that supreme level.

What kind of atmosphere were you hoping to project onto listeners with "My Mistress"? Would you say that the single is meant to emulate more positive vibes out to listeners, or does it hone in on more of a darker tone? 

I wanted the vibe to feel like a sexually charged fantasy. That’s what sells within traditional entertainment so why not bring that to music, audio movies? When you listen to my scenes/songs you should feel the same atmosphere that you feel when you watch a good movie. You should be thoroughly consumed with fiction.

Where do you think you'll take your songwriting and overall artistry from here on out, now that 'Vibes' is officially released and available for listeners? 

I’ll take this style of storytelling along a trajectory that leads me to become one of the greatest of all time; anything less than that would be completely unacceptable to me. I continue to surprise myself with each new song/scene that I create… that’s a completely intoxicating form of motivation. Once this COVID-19 pandemic is over with and I can get back to the studio regularly, I think listeners can expect a new audio movie from me almost every month. I also like to post my practice sessions as I find it really important for people to feel like they’re a part of this journey with me and to literally be able to follow my progress in ways other artists are unwilling to share. We are all human and people need to see what it takes to become one of the greatest, rather than leading people to believe that there is no process to being successful. 


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