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AWAL Grabs Our Attention With New Single “Focus”

It’s easy for an artist from a small town to feel as if they need to pick up and move to where there’s a heartbeat within the music. For many, that place is New York City and our review today comes from an artist who’s a story started in Central PA and made the move to New York City. We have AWAL and her incredible new single “Focus”.

The song opens up with a guitar/ synth that’s very moody, which makes for the perfect mix when AWAL's angelic vocals kick in. Instantly, the lyrics grab you and bring you into AWAL’s world. “I’m hard on myself and I take it out on you” remind us all how human, how raw and honest we can all be. “I know I gotta stay focused, I know I can’t lose focus” speak to us that life can be very hard sometimes and that she doesn’t want to lose focus, especially having accomplished so much. Musically, the beat is very unique and has 90s influence, while maintaining something that is sonically current & fresh. Vocally, AWAL displays a soft vocal performance that goes easy on the ears, making it very easy for listeners to get on her vibe and be engaged throughout the song.

Listen to “Focus” by AWAL here.


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