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A-Dre Comes Out With New Single “Tell Me"

Andres Antonio Ruano (known as A-Dre), is an artist based in Calgary that is making some serious rumble within the Latin electro pop community. A-Dre has an incredible success story, singing since he was young, building up his music and name, and finally getting noticed! A-Dre has performed alongside incredible artists, sharing famous stages and tracks with some of the greatest in Latin pop. At a pinnacle of A-Dre’s career, he was nominated for the “Best New Artist” award for the Latin Canada Awards 2017. Thankfully A-Dre is releasing music again, and we’re excited to introduce his newest release to you Latin electro pop/reggae-ton music lovers (for the eclectic group you are). 

A-Dre recently released “Tell Me”, and it definitely incorporates some unique and interesting sounds, ranging from core elements typically found in an electro pop track, combined with some serious EDM bass drops. Once A-Dre integrates his vocalism along with the harder-hitting melodies and synths, we fell in love with the combination. A-Dre's voice complements the sound of the track, especially so during the chorus. A-Dre is really bringing a new type of sound to the Latin pop/EDM category, and his music makes  the listener feel on edge for sure (in a good way). We loved how catchy and upbeat the underlying rhythms were in “Tell Me", it made it extremely easy to hum along to and provided the necessary feel-good energy we love in electro pop singles! A-Dre has really made a name for himself in the music community, and we’re glad to be apart of sharing this artists music!

Listen to "Tell Me" here and get to know more about A-Dre below!

Hello A-Dre! Please introduce yourself to our readers here at BuzzMusic!

Hey! Alright, im Andres Ruano and i go by A-Dre. I am a LatinPop and Pop artist from Calgary,Canada with Salvadorean roots. 

How did you know that music was your passion? At what age did you realize you wanted to pursue it as a career?

I was always listening to music and i loved to sing! I thought i was so cool with my Walkman haha. I used to play the piano so i guess you could say thats where it all started. I was about 17 -18 when I recorded my first song, when I saw people dancing to it and enjoying it i fell in love with that feeling of knowing I can make people dance to my music, so I became a little obsessed with it so i continued to write and make music. When i saw it picking up and gaining traction with every song i released i definitely started to pursue a music career out of it. Since then Its been an amazing journey watching my music evolve.

What kind of vision did you have for your latest single “Tell Me” while in the midst of curating it?

I wanted to do something different from what I usually do which has been reggaeton and Latin Pop. That's where my producer Bryan and i started mixing future bass/dubstep style into the picture to show a different side of me. I guess you could say versatility played a big factor. I wanted to show that i can be versatile as an artist. "Tell Me" was definitely from a personal experience I felt like when it comes to creating music on a personal level you can really connect with your listeners so my vision was definitely to put out a project where people can listen to it and relate. At some point in someone's life they've gone through the same situation as you see in the video.

Who would you say are your top three musical inspirations?

This has always been a tough question haha. I would definitely say Justin Timberlake is one of them I was a huge NSYNC fan growing up i was always listening to them and the Backstreet Boys, that's where the singing came in lol. Another musical inspiration would also be Daddy Yankee, the way he opened up the doors for reggaeton definitely gives you a boost of confidence knowing that Latin music is at its peak at the moment and of course people love to dance to it even if they don't understand what's being said, people just enjoy it. Really it was all the different styles of genres, English and Spanish that my parents would listen to growing up also influenced me. I love that there is no borders. Music is what you make it to be.

We know “In My Head” is right around the corner for summer! How excited are you to share this new song with your listeners? Can you share with us and the BuzzMusic community any hints on what the song will be like?!

Haha I'm super stoked for people to hear "In My Head". My last two singles have been in English. This one is half English and half Spanish and I've put alot into making sure that when people hear it they can't help but dance. It's been awhile since I've made an up beat track like this one. So stay tuned thats slated for a July Release and its 100% meant to enjoy in nice weather.


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