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Award-Winning Bronx Artist C.P. Has Had a Monumental 2019

Charles Caldwell, better known by his professional name C.P. is a contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop artist and recently signed Touch Music Group recording artist primarily raised in the Bronx. His craving for self-expression was strong and his passion for music emerged from its hiding place.

“I poured myself into writing poetry and songs, performing open mic/talent showcases,” said C.P. “I used the raw emotions of my life experiences to communicate my sentiments honestly— my music became my healing balm and I applied it to all the wounds of life.” Not only is C.P. gifted and ambitious solo artist, but he is also a part of an R&B/hip-hop group called I Am One Of A Kind, who released a 7-track album this year. C.P. himself has shown no signs of slowing down through 2019.

He has released 3 contagious solo singles titled “Party Hard”, “No Problemas”, and “In My Feelings” and still have double that on the way before the end of the year! C.P. is this artist that everyone should be keeping their eyes on. This year has amassed the rising star and incredible fanbase landed him a deal with Touch Media Group and put him on the map in a bag way. Keep up with C.P. and his upcoming releases! 

Check out C.P.’s music here!

Welcome back, C.P.! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you. Out of everything you’ve accomplished this year, what would you say you’re the proudest of? 

Finally releasing material. I have been sitting on this material for long enough and I now feel it is time for people to hear my music family and me. Congrats on releasing so many singles in one year and being featured in multiple songs! It truly has been such an impressive year for you. What was the overall concept of your first release of the year, “Party Hard”?

I wanted to give the public a party song as partying and having a good time is always a great vibe to be around; so why not party hard or live your life to the fullest and have the best time you can, which is the basis behind the song. The song is more than just drinking or smoking, it’s about a vibe of having a good time in whatever you're doing. Personally, I was most engaged by the lyricism within “In My Feelings”! Can you dive into the meaning behind the lyrics on this particular track? What do you hope your listeners take away from the overall sentiment? 

The lyrics talk about an individual that is so sexy inside and out, it puts you “in your feelings” about them as in it makes you feel even deeply attracted to them because of how beautiful they are as a whole. I hope the listener can feel past the words and get to the gist of the actual meaning behind being “in your feelings” You’re so successful as both a solo artist and in a group! Tell us about the album you released with I Am One Of A Kind titled “I Am Who I Am”.

The album is a cumulation of who we are as a group and as solo artists. Our beliefs, opinions, and same life experiences from different points of view. You take all those concepts and mix it all together to get “I Am Who I Am”. The title itself is a double entendre; meaning “I’m gonna be me” but also, with our religious backgrounds, “I Am who God is” because we believe God made us in his image. Among your singles in 2019, you have much more coming for us! What can you tell us about what you’re currently working on?

Currently, I am working on new material and collaborations and releasing them nonstop. The most recent piece of work I can’t wait for people to hear is E.I.S. (Every Inch of Sexiness), which is going to be my last release of the year. I worked with two very talented artists, Jsygnature and Hotel4, to make this R&B song an instant classic. The vine alone that is created is amazing and undeniable. This track will set up my 2020 and beyond as the follow-up material will be just as good to me Thanks so much for catching up with us! How do you hope to kick off your 2020?

We’re always looking forward to hearing more from you. I hope to kick off 2020 with some good news that is in the works, so I won’t say anything until it comes to past but my music family and I will drop a song named “Situationships”, which is produced by multi-platinum producer and close friend, Amadeus of Platinum Boy Music. Blessed to even say I have the pleasure of knowing and working with him on this song. I hope and pray people to gravitate to our 3rd single off our album and enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it. I just want to say thank you to Buzz Music for your support and it’s always a pleasure chatting with y’all. I hope I get to do this again.


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