Ay Leads Us Into Musical "Heaven," With Her Latest Single

From a tiny coastal town in Massachusetts, the blissful singer-songwriter Ay releases her angelic and chilling single with her latest release entitled "Heaven."

Born to create soul-penetrating music, Ay grew up competing in talent shows and playing local venues across New England. After releasing YouTube covers in the 2010s, Ay later plunged into her singer-songwriter career in 2019 while receiving nominations from NEMA, HMMA, and ISC.

Sending listeners into a powerful and compelling trance with her latest single, "Heaven," listeners can fully experience the beautiful and mesmerizing stylings that Ay continuously delivers. While touching on a serene and passionate lyrical concept, Ay makes it hard to ignore such a powerful and intimate track like this.

Hitting play on the single, "Heaven," the venture begins with tender piano melodies and Ay's sweet vocal stylings that instantly sweep any listener off their feet and into bliss. As Ay's delicate harmonies begin to make their appearance, she holds our hands and leads us towards the powerful hook where she exclaims the powerful and heavenly love she gratefully experiences.

Around the second verse, a somber string section makes its way in alongside crisp drum breaks, which provide this whole-sounding and well-rounded sonic feel. We absolutely adore Ay's power and strength when belting her vocals on the hook, as she's carefully placed her heart and soul into each lyric she delivers. While leading us to the outro with her brilliant sonics and accompanying vocals, Ay ends the song off with an immense sense of passion and heart.

Plunge into the sonic beauty of "Heaven" with Ay's recent single, and discover the rest of her discography on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Ay and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're genuinely head over heels for your recent angelic and powerful single, "Heaven." What inspired you to write such a passionate single?

Wow, thank you so much! I was inspired to write "Heaven" from a feeling that came over me during a surreal moment in my life. I was meeting people and places I felt profoundly connected to and things began falling into place in a way they just hadn’t before. I was suddenly living in a dream and anticipating both the overwhelming joy and the fear that this was a temporary state, at once.

What sort of sonic atmosphere did you aim to create with your single, "Heaven?" What did you want listeners to feel after listening to this single?

I wanted to sonically capture feelings of euphoria and nostalgia. My intention was for this piece to be a portal to a fantastical world that is real in the now, or once was, for everyone listening.

What was your songwriting process like for "Heaven?" Was it easy to open up and write about such passionate themes?

I wrote this whole song in about 15 minutes. It was something building up in me at the time until I just sat down at the piano and the intro theme came and the rest of the song, lyrics, and progressions just followed. It was kind of spooky actually! The perspective of the lyrics felt like a future me or another presence, instructing me to stay in this moment before it passes.

Did you have any help from other producers or session musicians when creating the production/instrumentals for "Heaven?"

Yes! Producing “Heaven” was a dream come true for me. I worked with award-winning producer Anthony J. Resta and engineer Karyadi Sutedja at Studio Bopnique in LA to bring the final recording together. I was incredibly fortunate to have acclaimed session guitarist Tim Pierce play the acoustic guitar, in his vast career he’s worked with artists such as Michael Jackson and Phill Collins. The cello heard is played by Cameron Stone III who played on the Game of Thrones theme and score. I am honored to have had such talented musicians work on this song with me.

What's next for you?

More music and videos are on the way this year, with performances to follow! To find out what's coming, follow me @ay_moccia everywhere!