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Aye Mann Delivers On “Gains” From His Ear Candy EP

Orlando based hip-hop artist Aye Mann has been fine-tuning his craft since the year of 2012. Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, Aye Mann was exposed to Hip Hop at a very young age through the city’s culture. This birthed his love and passion for music and storytelling. Aye Mann mainly incorporates his personal experiences and passionate topics that inspire shifts in his life and the lives around him, in the content of his music.

We took a listen to “Gains” off the EP, “Ear Candy” and Aye Mann did more than just simply impress us! He completely transformed us into fans of his. Aye Mann’s articulation of his bars was on point, showing skills of a rapper. The lyrical content that was provided in the music, gave a new dimension and insight to the artistry of Aye Mann. his unique vocal tone when he raps shows slight elements of rasp and grit. This gave the delivery a more macho appeal to it. You can interpret from listening to “Gains” that Aye Mann can not only rap to an aggressive type of beat, but he can also deliver on a smooth laid back type of instrumental. He has the lyrical skill for it, alongside the witty charisma. A multi-faceted rapper, Aye Mann cultivates his listener’s taste into the 3-minute track, that serves the EP justice. Aye Mann has a vibrant career standing ahead of him. The only question we have is simple. How far is the distance to his success? With a song like “Gains”, we can hypothesize that he’s closer than ever to attaining the high-level success he deserves!

Listen to "Gains" here and get to know more about Aye Mann below!

Introducing the one and only, Aye Mann! We love your stage name. Very appealing! What was the inspiration behind it?

I was going back & forth on what my stage name would be, so I prayed to God and asked him to reveal the stage name he’s chosen for me. At the end of my prayer I said, “In Jesus Name Amen” like I always do. Then word Amen continue to echo in my head long after the prayer and I said to myself “What if my name was Amen but spelled differently; its catchy & commonly used which makes its unforgettable”. Funny thing is that all my friends think the name came from a phrase I’ve used and still use in most if not all my conversations, “Aaaaaaaye Man”.

Your record “Gains” was delivered well! What was the meaning behind the strong lyricism provided?

The first time I heard the track I knew there was something special about it and it needed content that carried weight & validity with a not so subtle  delivery.

In what ways were you able to personally relate to “Gains”?

I relate to Gains with my approach to the music industry and life. You only get one shot with especially when you have all the necessary resources to be successful even with the obstacles ahead of you, there’s only two options: option #1- Fail. Option #2-Go out, take what’s yours, and live beyond your potential. Option 2 is the only option thats presented to me. 

How does “Gains” fit into the plethora of other records on the “Ear Candy” EP?

The definition of Ear Candy is something pleasing to listen to the ear, especially music-related which is what the project is centered around. When you combine that with the reach I foresee my music having then different styles, sounds, emotional triggers are necessary and automatically gave “Gains” the green light for this project.

What’s next for you Aye Mann!?

Currently I’m working on a few singles with some talented artists in Orlando slated to come out this year. July 21st I will be performing live at The Henao Contemporary Center in Orlando, Fl. l’m also working on my debut album that will be releasing towards the end of this year.


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