AyeJay Freez Releases His Music Video “GOODIE” That Speaks Nothing But Truth

AyeJay Freez is back on BuzzMusic, taking a detailed look into his recent heated single and video “GOODIE.” After following up on his recent release “Catch22”, AyeJay Freez has already gained well-deserved attention from his flaming video to “GOODIE.” Working around the clock to provide his audience with prime hip-hop entertainment, his music video “GOODIE” evidently displays these themes. Throughout the video, we can see scenes of AyeJay Freez rapping upon his city’s waterfront and contemplating while overlooking the view. He raps deep lyrics of constantly working hard to achieve his goals and speaking his truth through a rhythmic approach.

“GOODIE” begins with echoey piano chords turned into a hi-fi hip-hop beat. While the video captures wide shot scenes of nature, we feel the crisp cool air as it seems to be shifting from winter to spring. Lyrically speaking, AyeJay Freez delivers with force and maintains his composure as he touches on topics that grind his gears. As the video displays dancers and friends surrounding AyeJay Freez, he raps about how he’s seen a few tears and moved forward from the doubts and critics while keeping the real ones by his side. Rapping with authentic bars that display his growth as an artist, AyeJay

Watch "GOODIE" here.

It’s great to chat with you again, AyeJay Freez! Welcome back to BuzzMusic. Speaking on your recent music video “GOODIE”, how did you originally want each scene to reflect your bars and the overall tone of the song?

What the word BuzzMusic! Glad to be back so soon! The visual to goodie came together really naturally, I got to work with Zay Films and I had been wanting to do work with him for a while he’s done some pretty dope work around my city and it was kind of overdue.

With regards to your music video “GOODIE”, we’ve noticed that AyeJay Freez has gained much well-deserved attention from the release. Why do you personally think the song/video has been so successful in such a short period of time?

I just think it was timing, I have a petty nice core back home and they were pressing the issue so we made it happen. I really owe so much to those people who stream me daily and show love, I feel like a lot of people underestimate the power of a strong core fan base, no matter if it’s 20 people, 200 people or 2000 people the ones that really love your work and see the images you’re trying to create are the ones that take artists to the next level. 

“GOODIE” features AyeJay Freez ’s textured bars full of rhythm and detailed concepts. What underlying message did you want to stand out within your track “GOODIE”?

I don’t think this one really had too much of an underlying message, I had some things that I felt I needed to address and goodie ended up being the perfect outlet for that. Often times, when you start to manifest the things you’ve been working towards it, comes with baggage, baggage can be people, situations, or even decisions you face that you weren’t faced before. 

The instrumentals and production within your single “GOODIE” give off a steady hip-hop beat thoroughly supporting the overall atmosphere of the song. What made AyeJay Freez choose this mid-tempo and mellow beat, rather than something more energetic?

Truthfully I’m not a very upbeat person haha I don’t really listen to upbeat vibes so I guess I naturally don’t gravitate to that kind of production. I do have some pop-out records in the vault though so there’s always a chance I’ll get to release one. When I first heard the beat the chorus came to me mad quick, I feel like instrumentals kind of tell you what to put them and that one just had the right wave ya know.


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