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Ayla Ray Invites Us to Part Ways With The Ego On October 29

Coming in from Alaska, the versatile and dynamic group Ayla Ray announces the release of their forthcoming conceptual music video entitled "See Me In The Trees," dropping Friday, October 29.

Ayla Ray is comprised of Alaskan hometown friends Sam Tenhoff, Raven Liss, and Ian McCullough. Sam and Raven have been playing together since elementary school and developing their sound over many years.

Adding Ian to the mix, Ayla Ray's sound leans towards rock with undertones of electronic, soul, and r&b. The band is also currently working on their sophomore full-length album. Until then, Ayla Ray is excited to announce the release of their forthcoming music video entitled "See Me In The Trees."

"When the industrialization of humankind becomes overbearing and toxic, the mind finds solace in nature," states Ayla Ray. The song invites listeners to separate themselves from their egos and find their "happy place" in nature.

With riveting instrumentals and incredible cinematography, we're wildly excited to feature such a conceptual and meaningful music video like this. Find Ayla Ray's music video for "See Me In The Trees" on YouTube on October 29.

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26 de out. de 2021

I’ll be ready to check that out this Friday :)

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