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B.D.Kold Is Bringing Gospel To Rap!

Brandon Dwayne Stovall, who goes by the stage name “B.D.Kold”, grew up in a small working class community right outside Baton Rouge, LA. He found himself to be a troublemaker at an early age. As he grew up, rapping quickly transformed into his passion and he decided this was the career path he wanted to pursue. As he began pursuing rap in his local scene, he became in direct contact with the street life. Being young and from the middle of nowhere enticed him as he started to see the guys around him earning the respect he wanted to earn. After years of battling multiple addictions and countless run ins with the law, He entered a disciple program a few towns over from where he grew up. He began to learn the word of god and biblical precepts begin to put it on his heart to reach the people that were once like him. Due to that, he has found an attitude of winning the lost at any cost and gave him a fire filled approach to his music.

B.D.Kold released his single titled God On It” which sampled the popular classic “I got five on it” by Luniz. B.D.Kold incorporates his religious background and fuses it with trendy hip-hop and straightforward rap. “God On It” really highlighted who B.D.kold is as an artist and you become apart of his culture and his upbringing while listening to the song. He gives personal revelations from his life alongside a prayer that adds an motivational aspect to the song. You become instantly encouraged , uplifted, replenished, and motivated by listening to “God On It”. B.D.Kold is doing the rap game different than most and he’s bringing something fresh to the scene we didn’t know we desperately needed. Delivering an urban approach to the gospel genre while projecting a holy aura around the hip-hop culture is something I’ve never heard before and I find to be highly refreshing. He weaves both elements together effortlessly and we’re completely impressed with the capability of so. If you need a good message with a cruising hook and wavy beat then you can check out this timeless rap record by B.D.Kold.

Check out "God On It" here. We interviewed B.D.Kold, read it below!

Hello! Do you find any challenges in fusing together gospel and rap?

These are really great questions, at this point in my life, saving souls and bringing the people that are caught up in the things i was caught up in is what my life has come become about so I generally Just rap about what my life is and what I see, when i was in the streets and involved in those things that’s what I rapped about so now that God has allowed me to be pulled out those things, then that’s what i rap about

Tell us a little bit about your album titled “Street Gospel” and what makes this album memorable?

Street Gospel is a call to those who are in the street life, have drug addictions, caught up in prostitution,just to let them know that we’ve found another way,God lobes them and wants them to be who he created them to be, I believe that the level of transparency and personal experiences that I address in this project are what are going to make it memorable and lasting.

What’s the overall message you have for your listeners in “God On It”?

No matter what it is your going through, what your dealing with, or what you’ve done that if you call upon God for help, repent and ask him to let you be who you were created and designed to be, he will, I know this because he has done it for me.

What inspired you to write "God On It"?

When I was a child the song 5 on it came out telling my generation that no matter what you were going through stressing about or trying to escape you could throw 5 on it and get a release as you exhaled the smoke, when the Holy Spirit brought this beat to me and it was a remake of 5 on it I knew that it was time for me to go to my generation and let them know we tried the 5 on it method and it Got is where we’re at, Let’s throw God on it and let him take those things we deal with.

What’s next for you?

I generally don’t know what’s next until it’s time for me to working on the next project because I do my best to follow the Holy Spirit in all things, recently I have had some small successes in production so in my day to day I’ve been focusing on that, but I do hope this year to give you guys another free mixtape like distribution of Hope which came out Dec of 2018, and hopefully at least begin a full Lp by the end of 2019

To all those who read this I want you to know that I’m thankful for the support and for the Love that you guys have shown me over the Last year, I pray that whoever read this that God pour out favor protection provision aswell as peace upon then and all those they Love, that he begin to allow them to know and understand him and the plans he has for them, God bless you, in the Mighty name of Jesus.


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