B.U.D Delivers Vibrant Grooves With “Super Freak”

When an artist showcases their unique creativity and diverse artistry we become attached to both the artist and their music. This was the case for B.U.D when we took a listen to their new song “Super Freak”. The production in “Super Freak” had a balance of different elements that made us appreciate the song’s multi-dimensioned personality. The beat was futuristic due to the electronic synths and rhythmic dance beat that was fused alongside. However, the melody of the beat demonstrated strong pop influences mixed with funk R&B. This was perfect for the aesthetic of “Super Freak”, making the entire arrangement a groovy dance hit that will have you moving.

The lyrics in "Super Freak" are fun, vibrant, and attentive. It caught our attention with its contagious hook that was memorable and charismatic. B.U.D gave us a dynamic single that’s accessible to all audiences. It’s the perfect song for many people to enjoy. The generational balance in the vibe of the song makes it translatable to the old school music lovers and the current. As an artist, B.U.D aspires to evoke emotion from his audience and believes that music should resonate with people. With his movement titled, “Tired of Dreaming” in which the meaning behind the movement is that “It’s not the dream we are tired of, it’s not having the reality of what we dream of,” B.U.D continues to push forward in building a real and solid fan base.

Listen to “Super Freak” by B.U.D here.