Baba Jenkins Turns The Night “Wild”

The quartet Baba Jenkins blends rock, blues, and country in their powerful song “Wild.” The sound of it will fill tonight’s air with energy and sensuality as it takes out your hottest moves.

Baba Jenkins is what happens when you take four fantastic musicians, and they put together the best of their favorite genres. What comes out of it is a rich combination of sounds, sometimes, it has a profound message, and others are fun and energizing, like “Wild.” But most importantly, they always give us music that they feel, so we can feel it too.

“Wild” promises what it delivers; it is wild in its sound and lyrics in a way that transmits euphoria, passion, and fun. Undoubtedly, it was inspired by the impressive outdoors, the serenity and power of nature, and the intimate and romantic love of the relationship between a wife and a husband. You can also see that reflected in the video directed by Katie Pyne.

As you press the play button, the instrumentals build a wall of sound that soon reaches its peak. Every note played by trumpet and sax hypes the mood while Keefer’s guitar and William’s bass wave those chords keeping the energy of the song high. Gaha’s drum sets the pace to make you move as Worthen’s voice, potent and sensual, sings the seductive lyrics of “Wild.”

Listening to “Wild” makes that animal-like self come out, the one who wants to give in its senses to the music and turn any gray and dull night into a hot and sweet moment. So Grab your bae, pull closer, and get “Wild.”

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Baba Jenkins and a big congratulations on your latest release, "Wild." What were your musical references when making “Wild?"

This is a funny story. It was the last day of our 3-day recording session in mid-April 2021. We had knocked out the first five songs for the album and were waiting to shoot an impromptu music video for Rendezvous. Our friend George was setting up the lights when Skooter hit a couple of notes which had a bluesy feel to them, and I followed that with a couple of notes. Then Ekko kicked in, and then Rone started cuffing lyrics, and the next thing we know, the song was pretty much written on the spot, all of us standing in the middle of the floor in Studio 2. Crazy how unplanned it really was. I realize that didn’t exactly answer the question, but the truth is it describes perfectly how Baba Jenkins writes music, organic with no preconceived genres.

What does the song “Wild” mean for the group now?

We released “Wild”, which was our fourth single, on July 22nd. Not only did it land out of the box on an Official Spotify Playlist in position 10 called Modern Blues Rock, but it made it onto 65 other playlists and counting. We then followed it up with the music video a few weeks later, which has 100,000 views already and tripled our YouTube subscriber count. So this song has been huge for us. If anyone hasn’t heard it or seen it, please follow us wherever you get your music and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

What did you learn from making “Wild” for your future work?

Great question. As far as the song, I’d have to say don’t overthink it, and always play to emotion. Some of the ideas that come out of nowhere end up being the best as far as the video, telling a good story that you put a lot of thought into goes a long way.

How has making such a passionate song like “Wild” influenced your romantic relationships?

Oh, probably have to Rone that question, lol, but people do “respond” to it when we play it live; it gets ‘em going! (did that answer the question?? lol).

What's next for you?

There is a lot going on! We just finished a show opening for Keith Harris; we have our Album Release Event for our debut album “COPPER” on October 7th, the same day the album drops. We have a big showcase at The Hotel Café in Hollywood on November 10th, and we would LOVE to see the place packed! So come out and see us. You can follow us on Instagram @Babajenkinsofficial for all the latest show information and updates on Baba Jenkins, and subscribe to our Spotify and YouTube channels for new music and video drops!