Baby A Raises The Bar High With, "Pampila"

Aiden Oruwari, affectionately known as Baby A, shares his father’s love and burning passion for music. As one who loves to work the cameras and entertain those around him, at only 3 years old, Baby A is taking the world by storm.

Fresh off the release of his Reggaeton inspired remix and debut single, “Pampila,” Baby A graces the world with his creative mind and infectious voice. This vivid and up-tempo club banger creates an intoxicating atmosphere that has you pulled into its resonance almost immediately.

Teaming up with the internationally acclaimed Producer, Chopstiiiix, this dynamic duo has given people a run for their money with the mesmerizing remix of, “Pampila.” Baby A utilizes his endearing tone in the most loveable manner that has this entire composition washing over you.

“Pampila,” began its sonic journey when petite Baby A couldn’t stop repeating the contagious melodies of the original track by Jaysi in the comfort of his own home. It was at that moment that his mother decided to record the beloved vocals, while his father and video director, Tee Tash quickly got Producer extraordinaire, Chopstiiiix involved with bringing this captivating hit to life with a more than fitting audio direction.

Clocking in at under 1:30, we dare you to not hit replay. You can’t help but get up out of your seat and dance along with the live instrumentation that has Baby A’s adored vocalization singing the sweet sounds of, “Pampila.” As the entire world faces obstacles dressed in a new reality, Baby A is emerging to the top spot on the totem pole with a dedicated team behind him.

Be on the lookout for what’s next to come for this promising young talent while you take in everything that is, “Pampila.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Baby A, and Tee Tash! Congratulations on the viral success of your debut single, “Pampila.” We would love to know; what did the creative process look like through the creation of “Pampila”?

It was such an organic process. It was during the first lockdown, Aiden (Baby A) just kept repeating “ Oh jah Pampila mmm mhmm..” over and over on a rhythm. After a couple of days of this, I finally said ok we need to do something. I told my wife to record him on her iPhone and I sent the recording to my good friend Chopstiix. Chopstiix is a producer based in the UK and Nigeria who has worked with people like Burna Boy & Major Lazer. After a couple of days, he made Baby A’s song and it was magic. Aiden loved it so much. After getting all the details on the song to where we needed it, we shot an in-home music video, celebrating Aiden’s love for music and play. This video was also created during the lockdown in hopes to bring joy and a smile to people whilst in quarantine. The song became very popular on TikTok with over 800 videos made using the song!

Were there any learning curves or standout moments while bringing a project of this caliber to life?

Yes, there are a few. When putting out the first single we had to figure out where the sample would go and what the Artist Baby A would look like, but thanks to the creative mind of Chopstix he made it easy and sound amazing. We saw Baby A as an all around creative who can do vlogs, books, music, and more anything that he likes doing, we are behind the full force.

Has Baby A always been in love with the music? Do you find certain genres inspire his creative gene more than others?

Baby A has always loved music, even as a baby the way he would dance as soon as he heard music, we knew it would play a role in his life. He loves afrobeat, hip hop, 90s dance music, and child YouTubers music.

Besides his talents in music, what else can we find Baby A passionate about at the young age of 3?

Besides music, Baby A, loves YouTube and creating content. He has an insane passion for fashion and shoes. He changes his outfits 3 times a day.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

Our children inspire us... we believe in feeding their passions and creativity. We don’t want them to ever grow up thinking, “I wish my parents let me do this or that.” We want the kids to explore anything of interest. If we don’t help facilitate our children’s passions then how will they know what they want for their future.