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"Baby Girl" is Alex Oliva's Recent Lustful Love Song

Emerging Pop/R&B artist Alex Oliva is making a spot for himself within the music scene today.

Drawing a vast array of his influence and drive from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Anderson. Paak and Daniel Caesar, the music of Alex Oliva tends to surface as a blend of modern-day pop with hints of contemporary Hip-Hop. Alex Oliva ultimately has an intrinsic drive to entertain others, all while wanting to inaugurate positive energies within his listeners. His most recent release does precisely that, titled "Baby Girl" and has a potent voguish aspect, ultimately setting the tone for what listeners can expect from Alex Oliva's artistry.

Alex Oliva has genuinely created a bubbly and illustrious atmosphere with the release of "Baby Girl." Using his flirtatious vocal styling to establish a coy presence, Alex Oliva draws his influence from the trends of today and is strategic about the audience he sings for. "Baby Girl" is compelling and follows along the thought process of lust versus love. Accompanied by a minimalistic production, "Baby Girl" is vastly reflective of the men today, and the contemplation they undergo during feelings of attraction. The melodic pop styling drives an inspirationally-charged ambiance, and Alex Oliva's vocals are most definitely the forefront of this single.

Alex and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. Could you delve more into the lyrical concept within "Baby Girl" and the strategy behind choosing the lyricism you did?

Ultimately when I wrote this song, I was thinking about the people who catch your eye and just have something about them that's insanely attractive. I think everyone can agree that they see a bunch of people they find extremely physically attractive every day, but the feeling of seeing someone who just blows your mind for some reason you don't even know is something much more powerful. Songwriting wise I wanted to take the listeners through a story about the emotions and nerves everyone feels before they approach someone who they're really attracted to. There are two characters, one guy and one girl and the guy is insanely into this girl who he's just seen for the first time. The first verse is about how this guy is absolutely shocked at how attracted he is to this girl and everything she does that makes his head turn. The second verse is about him deciding whether or not and how to approach this girl. The third verse is him actually approaching her and it working out. 

The production of "Baby Girl" was incredibly elemental, which really allowed your vocals to shine through in the track. What was the thought process behind the production of the track, and what would you say it was ultimately influenced by?

On this song, my friend Lesedi produced it We are also working on the next couple of songs together. This is from him, "The aim was to provide a platform for the vocal line to have the limelight by not trying to do too much in the instrumental. Removing elements that distracted from the lyrics was a big part of reaching the end product. I’d say that a lot of the production process was influenced The Neptunes: I was listening to a lot of their earlier music at the time of making this and I love how their minimalistic arrangements give a song its groove, sets the mood, and gives the vocals space to roam all at the same time."

As an artist who's currently enrolled at a music program at USC, how would you describe the balance needed in order to accomplish both your schooling and artistry and do you find the two overlap in a complementary way?

I would say that it's certainly tough to balance both school and artistry. Luckily my education is contributing to my artistry and helping me become more skilled in my writing and performance. However, my artistry and my education are separate in many ways. For example, after I'm done answering these questions it's back to studying for midterms. 

We've heard that you're set to release new music in the near future! When can listeners expect further releases and how should they prepare themselves for these releases?!

New music should be coming at the beginning of next year, I have a couple of songs in the works that I am really excited for people to hear. Also, stay tuned for some visual work with Baby Girl. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

When quarantine first started, I felt that I could either curl up and hibernate for 5 months or grind. I chose to grind and I couldn't be happier. I listened to a lot of new types of music which really helped me reinvent myself as a writer. Seeing all my friends writing and releasing their own music, and building up their reputation as an artist motivated me to get my shit together and make something I was proud of. 


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