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Back Again With A Seductive Club Track, ShyBoy Drops “U Can Get It”

Residing in Los Angeles, ShyBoy’s upbeat club music focuses on empowering the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. ShyBoy is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and DJ whose music has been featured in RuPaul’s Drag Race, America’s Next Top Model, Sex And The City, The Devil May Cry 4, the trailer for Halloween 2018, and more. ShyBoy has performed throughout North America and in Europe, sharing the stage with artists such as Amanda Palmer, Meiko, and Flo Rida. An array of writers and artists have collaborated with ShyBoy, including Emmy Award-winning drag superstar RuPaul; hip-hop legend SlimKid3 (The Pharcyde); pop vocalist Nicole Scherzinger (The Pussycat Dolls); multi-platinum singer-songwriter Wendy Waldman; Saturn Award-winning writer/producer Bryan Fuller; and Emmy/Grammy/Tony Award-winning songwriter Allee Willis (co-writer of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic “September”)

ShyBoy’s latest release “U Can Get It” features dark and sultry tones that lead into ShyBoy’s well known sexy vocals. The seductive track has an addicting hook and fuses a diverse range of genres to create a hypnotizing sound arrangement. Retro undertones mix flawlessly with contemporary and refreshing new wave sounds. ShyBoy can’t stop releasing sexual hits that highlight who he is as an artist. He’s known for his openness and vulnerability that he exudes through his tell-all tracks. “U Can Get It” is a track filled with desire that all listeners can relate and vibe to. The back beat and production are flawless and the intricacy of ShyBoy’s lyricism is fascinating. He is a star on the rise and the one to watch!

Listen to “U Can Get It” here!


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