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Backseat Vinyl Returns With a Summer Tune Titled, "Forever Fun"

The Denver trio Backseat Vinyl returns to BuzzMusic, releasing a more mellow summer anthem titled, "Forever Fun." They've mentioned that even though Backseat Vinyl grew up in Colorado, their influences derive from legendary west coast groups. Tying in this west coast theme with their recent single "Forever Fun," Backseat Vinyl portrays an electrifying atmosphere that we only feel during summer's prime. A very danceable song, which is different from Backseat Vinyl's previous aggressive and quick sound. With playful lyricism giving off a kind of blasé attitude, we're genuinely fascinated by Backseat Vinyl's fun-loving delivery with this track.

Kicking off "Forever Fun" with Nate Fuller's lively electric guitar strums, he quickly jumps into his filtered vocals that provide an emphasized alt-rock feel. Keenan Clarke keeps the track up and running with his toe-tapping percussion, while Clara Louise evens it out with her textured bassline. The melodies at the hook remind us of nostalgic alternative bands from the 90s while emphasizing this nostalgic feeling with a playful gibberish lyricism that's easy to sing along with. The overall message gets us out of this stagnant space and into something more uplifting, reminding us not to let the good times slip by. Backseat Vinyl displays a different side of themselves with "Forever Fun," and easily impresses us with this fun-loving sound.

We're truly impressed by your relaxed approach within your single "Forever Fun." What pushed the band to experiment outside of your regular speedy sound?

Forever Fun was the 3rd song written for the record. Early on we knew that the album was gonna be a lot faster so we wanted to add some kind of break to the record. Just a place to let the intensity string out and breath.

Within your single "Forever Fun," you've incorporated vibrant and fun-loving lyrics. Could you share what inspired the song's playful lyricism?

Forever Fun was written about our mini-tour in New Mexico. we didn’t make any money and we just felt shot down. Like you’re in your early 20’s constantly running out of money for this shit and you just sad about it. That’s how it felt. Like wow, I’ve been busting my ass and I’ve got nothing to show for it like I’m a loser man. But there is a brighter side to Forever Fun. We all went through that stuff together, and we laughed and we got each other through it. 

During your previous interview with us, you mentioned that the band got weird when creating your upcoming album "Scared of Everything." What makes the project so unique, and could you define 'weird?' 

The album has a sound and a theme which is nice for us. Our last album was all over the place. So we wanted to make the whole album sound like one piece but that also felt like overkill and boring. We wanted to add some weird off theme. There’s a few songs on the records that show that, just a different approach in our playing style. 

Backseat Vinyl's upcoming sophomore album "Scared of Everything" is dropping in about a month. Is the trio busy putting final touches on the project, and are you still making edits?

We always make deadlines way in advance. We’ve been planning this record for about a year now. We had all the dates lined up and everything. Everything is just about set and ready to go! 

What are you doing throughout these tough times to stay inspired and creating music?

Everyone is actually on hiatus right now. We’ve been on the grind for years so we all decided that it would be good for us to take some time to work on our self-care and focus on what’s going on around the world right now. Sometimes you need a break from the things you love to do.



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