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Bad Breed Channels R&B Legends With Their Latest Single, "Not in My Life"

The Toronto-based hard-edged funk, soul, and rock group Bad Breed takes us through themes of empowerment with their latest R&B-infused single, "Not in My Life."

By combining sounds of punk rock and 60s R&B, Bad Breed has now evolved their sound into a more mature blend of funk, soul, and rock. Fresh off the release of their sophomore studio album, 'The Bad Breed in Ferocious Love,' Bad Breed is ready to take 2021 by the horns with a fresh release.

Speaking on their latest single, "Not in My Life," Bad Breed brings us into a potent R&B/soul anthem, paying an ode to the likes of Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding. Regarding the song's lyricism, Bad Breed fueled their lyrical content with themes of adversity and seeking what you deserve through requited love and secure relationships.

"Not in My Life" opens with soothing electric guitar melodies and down-tempo drum patterns. Once the song's sweet R&B atmosphere is set, the female lead vocalist makes her way in and sings rather poetic lyricism to get our minds engaged. Not to mention her natural tenderness and delicacy through each lyric, we love the soft and sweet feel that Bad Breed has created.

Listening to the vocalist's lyricism, she sings an empowering message of moving forward from places that bring her down while seeking someone who won't shower her in the pain she's used to. About halfway through, a powerful male lead enters the track and offers a beautiful contrast through his passionate delivery and equally compelling lyricism.

Ending the song off with the sweet and soulful hints of mid-tempo R&B, we love the organic tones and flavors that Bad Breed has delivered with their latest single, "Not in My Life." Catch the single on all streaming platforms.

We love the soul and passion you've delivered with your single "Not in My Life." What inspired your group to create this lyrically empowering piece?

Thank you!! We wanted to create an anthem that anyone from anywhere could sing along with and feel like the song was for them because it is. It’s for everybody. It’s for everybody who thought they were out of last chances. That’s the way I felt for many years as my partner and I battled mental health issues at the same time and in the end, I survived and she didn’t. I had abandoned music, I had cut myself off from everybody in my life. I thought there was nothing left. Eventually, I fell in love again. Love and this band helped bring me back to life. So this song is a celebration for everybody to sing along with.

Could you take us through the members of your group and how you split your creative/recording process for the single “Not in My Life”?

Well, my name is Mike and I wrote the lyrics and I sing the second verse and I play drums on the track. Katherine Wilson is the huge powerhouse lead vocal. Maylin Ortega plays bass and sings. Oscar Tang played guitar and Brea Scott did backing vocals.

This really was a true collaboration. We all threw ideas back and forth for how the vocals should go and everybody really participated to make it something special.

We’ve noticed that you also released a music video for “Not in My Life.” What inspired the unique route you took with the video, and how did you execute your vision?

Well, again we just wanted to make a visual accompaniment to the song that stressed the universal themes we are singing about. Everyone feels pain, everyone wants happiness. So we just asked friends and family, parents, grandparents, sons, and daughters and we were so lucky that we had so many amazing people agree to participate. We got people from Cuba, all over this country and the United States and we are just thrilled with the way it turned out. Our friend Slim edited it. She put it all together and made our vision come true.

What pushed your band to release the single “Not in My Life” as your first track of the year? What are you planning to follow the release of this single?

Considering this is a pretty unprecedented time for everybody this song felt like the right choice to release at this time. We just want to connect with people. And I think people are looking for a connection right now.

We shot footage for a couple of new videos before all of these lockdowns so we will definitely be releasing more material. And when the time is right we can’t wait to perform again. Maylin and I are now working with a couple of new musicians. We’ve got a great singer named Catia and an amazing pianist named Denzel as part of the team now so we’ve got amazing stuff coming up.

What do you want listeners to know about Bad Breed and the music that you create?

Maylin: We make music from and for the soul in the most authentic, honest, and positive way humans can collaborate. In times where humanity pays a great deal of attention to external and virtual realities, Bad Breed is an invitation to tap into your deep self and connect with others through the message of our lyrics and our eclectic sound.


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