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Bad Holiday Premieres Their Brand New Single and Music Video "19"

Bad Holiday is the combination of four lifelong friends and 90s party rock. Their style is focussed on creating high energy rock fused with some classic rock to bring a nostalgic but fresh-feeling experience that everybody will be able to enjoy.

Bad Holiday is set to release their debut album May 14th of 2020 and recently teased everybody with the release of their single "19". This record features everything that the band is all about, heavy almost grungy guitars, an epic guitar solo, a high energy pounding drum kit, a solid rocking bass line, and an energetic edgy vocal that soars throughout the song. There is an instant nostalgic feeling in this song, both from the songwriting and the sound. The lyrical story puts back those memories you had as a teenager and all the good times you had. Every section of "19" hits you hard in the gut and almost forces you to start dancing, every element fuses in a wonderful way that leaves space for everything to breath but also comes together as a whole to bring what Bad Holiday is capable of - they don't hold back for a single second in the energy. This is easily a record that you'd be wanting to hear at every party.

Listen to "19" by Bad Holiday, here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic BAD HOLIDAY! We are loving your latest energetic release "19"! What was the songwriting and production process for it like? The songwriting & production process was quite smooth. Our Lead Vocalist "Edward Kennington" & Drummer "Ryan Schurman", have been in multiple bands for many years together growing up. Edward being the soul songwriter always trusting Ryan to give his songs infectious grooves to shape them. Complimented by their life long buds, Lead Guitar "Jonathan Keith" & Bass Player "Curtis Crook." The album was self-produced, and engineered by Drummer "Ryan Schurman." Recorded in a beautiful old church, out in the countryside of Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. Being isolated in the countryside made the process very enjoyable & peaceful. This record has an almost raw sound to it, what was the recording process like to achieve this? Were there any challenges faced during the recording? Our raw sound on our record comes from many of our retro-rock influences, from the '90s and '80s. Our recording process to achieving this raw sound was done through our own self-control producing it completely ourselves. Keeping it all real and not overproduced like most bubblegum tracks are these days.

There is definitely sonic chemistry happening between every instrument in your music. How did the members come to meet? Growing up on the same street as youngsters, Lead Singer-Songwriter "Edward" & Drummer "Ryan" first met. Followed by meeting Bass Player "Curtis Crook" in middle school & Lead Guitarist "John Keith."

It's quite great to hear nostalgic and modern fused into one. Are there any influences for the music? Are there any idols that are looked up to? What about those influences and idols makes them influential to you?

Major influential bands that contribute to our sound would be.. Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Sum 41, GNR, Weezer & Pearl Jam. All these great and successful rock bands that have proven to us that gritty and raw is always better in the name of rock & roll. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Starting off 2020 launching our record with everything that is currently going on in the world is a bit draining and daunting, but we are still following through with all releases currently & hoping for a fruitful year of shows and touring.


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