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Badluv Sets Fire with a Blazing Single, "Little Devil"

Drifting in from Austin, Texas, the alt-rock artist and singer-songwriter Badluv soaks our speakers in lust with his latest sensual single, "Little Devil."

Although his music usually resides under the versatile sounds of alt-rock, Badluv's musical influences stem across genres like metal, country, blues, and pop. Intending to help listeners love themselves and realize that they're in control of their happiness, Badluv constantly explores new ways to amplify this goal within his music and brand.

Serving us a platter of lust with his latest single, "Little Devil," Badluv trudges through the depths of passion with help from his sultry instrumentals and breathtaking harmonies. While swinging through the song with the utmost strength and desire, Badluv makes it difficult to turn away from something so sonically and lyrically appetizing.

Beginning our venture into "Little Devil," the piece opens with a heavy bass riff and a sensual electric guitar melody, perfectly setting the desirous and heated tone. Once Badluv makes his way in, his low and breathy vocals offer this flirtatious and aroused tone alongside his airy harmonies that send a few chills down our spines.

As Badluv leads us towards the hook, we meet an unexpected and vibrant mid-tempo beat drop where the entire scorching instrumental arrangement sets in while Badluv summons incredible vocal power to pour his passion through our speakers. We can't help but feel a similar desirous and sultry tone to acts like Two Feet, as Badluv takes us through a stimulating atmosphere that leaves us in a trance-like state.

Catch Badluv's exciting latest single, "Little Devil," on all streaming platforms, and bask in the heat of the song's sweltering instrumentals and Badluv's captivating performance.

Hello Badluv and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We're highly impressed by the heated instrumentals and your engaging delivery within your latest single, "Little Devil." What inspired you to create such a heavy and sultry single?

The initial spark of inspiration for this song was actually pretty random. It started with a guitar effect that John Mayer uses in his song “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” that I was just messing around with. The effect is very warm and gives the guitar an opening-up effect that I loved. The inspiration for the lyrics just sort of started coming out of me when I started playing and I landed on the motif of “Little Devil” which reminded me of my own experience of being “led on” or teased by someone I was interested in, but they had no real intention of being with me. I wanted the lyrics to really paint the picture of being pushed and pulled by someone, almost like they have control of you.

What was your creative process like when formulating the sensual and stimulating instrumentals for "Little Devil?" How did you achieve such an exciting and alluring tone?

I love using juxtaposition in songs because it really takes the listener on a journey. So the verse’s I wanted to be up close and personal with the chorus being big and rock. In the verse there's almost a feeling of me singing directly to the listener's ear, or like I’m singing directly to the person who the song is about, while we are dancing alone late at night. Then in the chorus, I’m singing out loud because the person isn’t there anymore. I wanted the guitar to be ear-catching, but warm and inviting, so it made you want to hear more, and as far as the groove of the song, I aimed for it to be something you could sway and dance to with someone.

Your lyricism within "Little Devil" is incredibly descriptive and engaging. Are you usually one to write lyricism that tells such in-depth and detailed stories?

In most of my songs, I try to be descriptive as possible so I can accurately paint a picture of what I’m trying to say, but I try to leave something up to the listener's imagination so they can attach their own experience to it. I have definitely gotten a lot better with my songwriting since my first song “Deja Vu” came out about a year ago. Hopefully, I’ll continue to improve, and really start to open up more of myself into being vulnerable in my songs so they can be as relatable a possible, and I can really start to connect with my fans.

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