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Bafoory Gives Us An Inside Look At His Music In Exclusive Interview

Welcome back Bafoory! Congratulations on the release of you new EP “Time Machine”! What does this EP represent for you? 

Thank you guys, to me Time Machine represents Innocence and nostalgia and im sure it represents different things for different people.

Which song on the EP forced you to channel to most emotion when creating it? Why?

To me the song “Living Stone” was difficult to create in terms of the emotional output that I had to pour in the song, but at the same time it was “Time Machine” as well so I think both of  those songs I have equally channeled my emotions to them.

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

To be honest I haven’t found exactly what my sound is and maybe i never will and its not a bad thing by the way I think the beauty of making and crafting music is to never settle on a certain type of sound, to me I love exploring other styles and aspects of different genres of music.

Where is the best setting to listen to your songs, and what do you hope people take away from them?

Best setting to listen to my songs you’d have to ask the fans about it because I had a lot people come up to me and tell me their own settings so I cannot really tell what setting you can listen to my music on, I guess people who will listen to my music for the first time have to figure that out hahah here’s a mystery for ya. 

Can you dive into details about the lyricism in “Worth Fighting For”? 

Well Worth Fighting for is very a encouraging kind of a song about breaking free from whatever holding you back, but I wrote it with having depression and anxiety in mind and how it affects us all where we find ourselves lost and stuck and can’t get out of it.

What’s next for you going through to the end of 2019?

Well Im releasing 2 Music videos as well as working on my first Full length Studio album.

Listen to "Time Machine" here and stay connected with Bafoory through social media:



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